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  1. Wareditor

    Making an accurate "get mouse screen position"

    tldr: The goal of this post is to find an accurate and robust get_mouse_screen_position() for the community. Big thanks to @Unryze for helping me find stuff in the 1.26 game.dll! So for a few patches now, there is a way to get the mouse world coordinates. However there is no way to get the...
  2. Henry_AC

    [Solved] Screen issue with WE, screen, dark interface? black?

    Hello everyone, any solution? They gave me a laptop and I installed Warcraft 1.30 on it, I wanted to use WE but the screen comes out like this, no matter how much I zoom in or out, the funny thing is that you can put units or decorations because I hear that typical sound when I put or remove...
  3. HerlySQR

    How can I get the screen position of a unit in the map?

    I wanna emulate the unit health bars (until I see, there is no desync with frames having different points), but I wanna know if there is a way that I can get the screen position of the unit in the game?
  4. TwoLeft

    Bug: Manabar stuck to screen

    Rarely when my map starts a manabar becomes stuck to the screen/camera, as shown in the attached file. Restarting the map usually fixes this. Anyone any idea why this happens? I got a lot of triggers firing at the start, preloading, hiding and moving things around. I guess it has...
  5. SpiritTauren

    [General] Dialog menu repositioning

    Hey, what would be the easiest solution, if I want simply to re-position the dialog button menu? I don't want any custom frames (unless it's the best/only way), etc. Is there any in-game/editor/interface constants option to slide the interface axis? I didn't find any, and the forum search...
  6. SoooK

    Check for players screen resolution/aspect ratio

    Is it possible to get the screen resolution or aspect ratio of a player via GUI or jass? I want to assign different cameras to players, based on their screen resolution/aspect ratio. Some video settings cut off vital parts of the screen, if all player are using the same camera. Or is there...
  7. Woodenplank

    Desyncs on map load

    Hi I recently released my new map - which I've been working on several months. But when I try playing the map with other people online, roughly half of them desync as soon as the game starts. Before nay triggering is run; they're just gone. Roughly 50% of players in a lobby. I tried deleting...
  8. Woodenplank

    [Crash] Desyncs on map start

    Hi - I recently released the alpha version of my new map - but people tend to desync on start. This never happens in singleplayer, not even when playing it on Battle.net (with computer enemies). Not everyone desyncs though. Yesterday I tested the map with 5 other people - 3 of whom desynced...
  9. Nudl9

    Remove "press any key" from loadingscreen

    The title pretty much sums it up. I couldn't find anything when using search. So how do i go on about it? I know DOTA has a custom loadingscreen without requiring you to press any buttons. Just without things cluttering in front of it. Also is it possible to get widescreen support?
  10. Wicia

    World Editor refreshing issue

    Hello, I was searching similar thread on forum but I could not find it. I have strange issue after opening big map in WE. Randomly Editor hangs, my whole laptop screen becomes black, system sound comes (problem sound... I think) and then everything return to initial state. This whole sequence...
  11. Cuantex

    I have a problem. Screen infinite load

    It's like the title says . I get off the map , I have all the settings to a minimum , but when the map is charging me , reaches a point where it no longer almost finished charging more , and there remains not even throw an error . Look like a problem in the forum, but found none , I apologize...