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  1. Cheshire

    [Solved] simple model edit (rotation + scaling)

    hey there, looking for someone to change these two shield models into platforms: Orc Shield Rigth Plank Shield they need to be flat on the ground (like a stage to stand on as opposed to the angle they are in to be a shield) and a little bigger than a town hall (in game radius 300. would be...
  2. Xzere

    Attribute Scaling Abilities

    Hello, how do you make an ability scale with a hero attribute? For example, i want an ability to gain 5x the agility in bonus damage. Note: I am not a professional with triggers Thanks in advance.
  3. cleavinghammer

    Changing destructible XYZ scales

    Is there a setting in the editor that lets you change the X, Y and Z scales independently on destructibles like you can with doodads? I can only change the X, causing the other two keep the same proportions.
  4. Bain_Rebirth

    Attribute Scaling Non-Damage skills

    Hello, I have a question regarding using Attributes to scale abilities. I'm fairly new to coding as a whole and coding in GUI in the trigger editor also poses a little problem as it gets tedious going through every window trying to find which event/condition/action I want. So I was hoping if...
  5. Peach Schnapps

    [Spell] Anyway to make this Multi-Instance? (Modifying WC3 spell data via trigger)

    So I stumbled upon a neat little trick but I feel like since this is straight up changing the abilities damage to the unit's INT amount if two players were to cast this at the same time we could run into an issue. Scale Firebolt test Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability...
  6. MrSocky

    [Spell] Making Forked Lightning a healing spell

    Greetings Some time ago, I began working on my first big project and usually I find the necessary tutorials or work around the encountered issues myself, yet I feel lost regarding this one. Some tutorials displayed options which seemed to be impossible since the editor doesn't offer the desired...
  7. Smoo

    [Solved] Stat Scaling on Thunder Clap Trigger

    I am currently trying to work out why this trigger I made is damaging the casting hero unit, and not hostile unit that receives the initial damage of Thunder Clap. I have created a custom version of Thunder Clap, whose base AoE damage is 50. The hero that I have given the custom ability to is a...
  8. SVT2002

    Rotations and Scaling to Translations

    Hello, Mdlvis can transform all the non-linear translations, rotations and scalings to linear. My question is:can I transform all the linear rotations and scalings to linear translations?