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  1. NightFarer

    Need help to find a wc3 custom map

    Hello, in 2009 for the first time I got a computer and master installed Warcraft 3 full of different custom maps. Now, I want to return back to good old times and play some of the maps that I was playing back then. Specifically, I am looking for the map where you choose heroes as a wisp...
  2. StormyG7

    Sandbox World

    I'm making an attempt to do something I failed at in the past due to a lack of time and experience (mostly incompetence and laziness). The main thing that killed my old map and led to a frustration was how horrible the world editor handled hundreds of imported models; models which I greedily...
  3. Marshmalo

    [Strategy / Risk] Rise of a Realm : Kingdom Builder

    Rise of a Realm By Marshmalo [Release date: Out now] MAP SUMMARY: Rise of a Realm (ROAR) is a sandbox base builder/RTS game with a mythological/medieval theme. Players must first choose whether to found a Warrior or Mage Kingdom, then select a King or Queen to lead their Realm to glory...
  4. DeMoN100

    [Role Playing Game] A RP For Single Player

    It would be nice if we could come out with a roleplay map that could be played in single player with computers if you couldn't find players. Like DoBRP, SoTDRP, CoTM, & RoTRP only when you give the units and buildings to computer it uses them.
  5. BrianBarsaski

    Grand Theft Auto Warcraft Edition™

    Welcome to the one of the most ambitious map in Warcraft III! (The images in the logo are in-game captures, except Tommy Vercetti and the girl, of course) First, sorry if my English in this post aren't perfect, I'm learning now. I want to show you my new project, Grand Theft Auto Warcraft...
  6. ~El

    [Miscellanous / Other] YARP, a sandbox map akin to RoTRP and SotDRP

    Yet Another RolePlay (map) An advanced WC3 sandbox map for RP YARP is a WC3 sandbox map, designed for freeform RP. It is very similiar to maps like RoTRP and SotDRP, and, in-fact, strives to be a direct improvement upon them. I started this project back in February 2016, after a build up of...