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rts map

  1. Wazzz


    Battleforge is an RTS mod inspired by many sources with gameplay stylized with Starcraft Brood War in mind. There are elements of Heroes of Might and Magic, Warlords Battlecry and Age of Wonders to name but a few. For each faction, a great deal of emphasis in the individual unit design is the...
  2. James7

    [Strategy / Risk] Game Of Thrones Conquest Reforged

    Game Of Thrones Conquest Reforged Reforged Graphics Required! Map is meant for Online FFA Diplomacy I have been tinkering with this map for awhile now and thought I should ask some public opinion. The terrain of the Seven Kingdoms done and am now working on lesser Houses as of now. Gameplay...
  3. Tonnes

    Worlds Collide Competitive RTS Map

    Hello Folks, Actually I started a Warcraft III - TFT Map Project, which is just a too big and too complexe to handle it by myself. The Name of the Map is "Worlds Collide", like in the title... and its going to be a 3v3v3v3 map! Download: Worlds Collide.w3x Concept: Actually working on 11+...