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  1. Armelior_is_back

    [Campaign] The tale of Melusine

    Hello, I'm currently finishing the 1st map of my new project : Tale of Melusine It's gonna be a 5 maps campaign a bit like Dwarf campaign : big long maps that are somewhat linked but not as much as a "classic" campaign. Except you will play as the titular character in each one. It doesn't...
  2. Master Zul'khan

    [Role Playing Game] Rollin' for "Wc3:wow"

    - wit respect to @Craka_J Nearly ten years ago, da legendary @Craka_J attempted to create tha epic project "Wc3:WoW". But de old gods didn't let him so to complete it. Yea mon, it's been a decade. And de project is dead. Sorry for dat my mons. By the day, i'm announcin' to ya Hive community...
  3. Edaryion

    🔍 Looking for 'Life of a Peasant' Maps

    👋🏻 Hello! I am looking for LOAP maps. 😁 LOAP is a niche genre of interesting roleplay maps, The first 'Life of a Peasant' maps are limited to a pre-built city, where you start off as a single hero unit & you choose how you play. However, what I am interested in is a sub-genre. You could...
  4. SoulGuardianHero

    Here is my Science fantasy warcraft starfinder campaign.

    Here is the Backstory The year is 364 AAD (After Azeroth destruction) long ago on the planet of azeroth during the war for azerite the alliance and horde were lock in war darnassus & exodar once proud cities of the alliance have fallen to the horde and silvermoon & undercity once proud cities...
  5. Cherrymage

    Kazya : Rise of the Kek

    Overview A small roleplay with a lot of freedom, inspired by the fun and crazy first official roleplay of RACC. But not too insane with people trying to overpower each other constantly. The general setting is medieval-renaissance fantasy. It began with warlords and bandits scattered all over...
  6. Silverknights


  7. titans_zealot

    How/is warcraft 3 an RPG?

    I've been watching videos and talking to people about how Skyrim is not a RPG (or at least a small one) and I've been thinking about the points/what makes RPG games. If warcraft 3 is considered a Strategy RPG (I am not sure if it is or is just called that), what are the "RPG" elements of this...
  8. SNIper of DARKness

    Crusader Kings 2 Free (FLT)

    Crusader Kings 2 the grand strategy game about murdering your relatives for power is now free for a limited time. Crusader Kings II on Steam Get it now.. if you want to that is.
  9. Cherrymage

    Roleplay : Dunkelheit

    topResistance Against the Cake Crusade Dunkelheit "A World of Darkness" Up-to-date Last Update : 7th of March, 2018 CE Table of Contents About Maps Rules and Guidelines Major Factions Player Data The Management Skip this Post aboutAbout Alastorn, the mythical world of darkness that has...
  10. Llama

    WoW RP Private Server

    Hey guys, I don't want to sound like spam, but I figured fellow Warcraft fans would enjoy what i'm about to show them! ^^ For two months now, my team and I have been working on a WoW Private server that is centered around RP in Outland! So far we've completely rebuilt all of Hellfire Peninsula...
  11. The1GreyFox

    [Role Playing Game] Input on a "Fantasy Life" Spin-Off ???

    What do you guys think about a "Fantasy Life" spin-off? It would have some similar elements to create familiarity in the helpful sense, but obviously not be a duplicate or too confusingly different. I'm mostly trying to get a pool of how many people might be interested in this kinda thing...
  12. Cherrymage

    Roleplay : Terranova

    topResistance Against the Cake Crusade Terranova "A New Land to Conquer" Under Maintenance Last Update : 22 May, Year 106 of the Republic of China (UTC +8) Table of Contents About Maps Rules and Guidelines Major Factions Player Data Council of Managers Skip this Post aboutAbout === WIP ===...
  13. _Guhun_

    Titan Land: Lands of Plenty

    Notice4: The Save/Load system has been added to KoT!! Check out the tutorial below! SAVE/LOAD System Tutorial Screenshots (Scroll Down) Titan Land: Lands of Plenty This is a map based on the Titan Land template, using an old Titan Land titled: "The Beginning of the End". The terrain is...
  14. _Guhun_

    Automated Chat-based save/load (for RPs)

    This is a JASS/GUI Save/Load System. The plan is to have as much GUI as possible and include a guide to editing the JASS for GUI users. This is a system I was trying to come up with to allow saving and loading of bases in RP games such as Titan Land and RoTRP (basically, any sandbox in which...
  15. DeMoN100

    [Role Playing Game] A RP For Single Player

    It would be nice if we could come out with a roleplay map that could be played in single player with computers if you couldn't find players. Like DoBRP, SoTDRP, CoTM, & RoTRP only when you give the units and buildings to computer it uses them.
  16. ~El

    [Miscellanous / Other] YARP, a sandbox map akin to RoTRP and SotDRP

    Yet Another RolePlay (map) An advanced WC3 sandbox map for RP YARP is a WC3 sandbox map, designed for freeform RP. It is very similiar to maps like RoTRP and SotDRP, and, in-fact, strives to be a direct improvement upon them. I started this project back in February 2016, after a build up of...
  17. DeMoN100

    Looking for Trigger / JASS AI Scripters

    Looking to create a RP map like all the other successes. I am currently at this moment terraining the map and writing a unique storyline with a whole custom lore. I will update post with screenshots soon and need someone who is familiar with writing triggers and scripting commands and animations...
  18. Chukareth

    Chukareth G. LoSoPhY

    I think this is the right place to post this. I'm Chukareth, Warcraft III TFT - Azeroth player. I've used this website for a long time and I never bothered to make an account until now. D: On WC3, I play many SotDRP's and XRP's, along with the occasional Tower Defense/Hero Defense and other...
  19. TheDivineBoss

    RP-Screenshots iand RP-creations

    Ok peepz, since United Roleplayers site hit a iceberg and sank to the bottom of the void they sended me here to post here screenshots of creations in RPs. I can send some now. :grin::grin: SEND YOUROWN CREATIONS TOO! Because: More pictures more souls or something. Draculas Castle And a...