1. OnGe

    24+1 Player Color Codes

    You may find color codes for 12 players all over the internet. Since we have 24 players now, it is kind of outdated. Also note that predefined colors you may find in editor does not match player colors. Here are colors for all 24 players + neutral, taken from color displayed on starting...
  2. OnGe

    Unit Translated Values Reference

    I have not found anything about this topic, so I explored it myself and written it down. Via Trigger editor you can directly modify unit values, including some with translated values. That means stuff with dropdown in object editor, bud represented as integer in unit values. This way, you may...
  3. Veronnis

    [Solved] Possible to Reference Region / Rect Name?

    Hello, I'm just curious if anyone happens to know if you can reference a region or rects name, for an example purpose like such: Event: Unit enters region Action: Play Sound Array [(Substring 1,1 of region/rect entered)]
  4. SoooK

    Tooltip - Data reference only returns "0"

    I created a custom technology "R001:Rhme". Its sub data "mod2" has a value of "45" (Real, health increase per tech level). I want to display this value in a tooltip from a custom ability. I already tried to display reference data from another custom unit in this abiity, which appears to be...
  5. Raen7

    [Mapping] WC3 Editor Player Colors reference

    Per suggestion from another member, I have moved this reference sheet here as a "Miscellaneous tutorial/guide/reference". (As opposed to the 'Tools' section.) WC3 World Editor Player Colors This is a Google Sheet that shows you all 24 player colors (since they expanded the # of players in the...
  6. IcemanBo

    Memory Leaks

    C0Memory leaks For a quick lookup on most important actions, read Things That Leak. Introduction Object Leaks Reference Leaks Miscellaneous Conclusion C1Introduction If your computer's memory keeps occupied with stuff you already lost access to, it's called memory leak. It slows down the...