1. Second level barracks and shops.jpg

    Second level barracks and shops.jpg

    My personal new race map, this is Naga building.
  2. raging tide naga hall.jpg

    raging tide naga hall.jpg

    My personal new race map, this is the Naga hall.
  3. Ev3nt

    Warcraft III - MultiRace Template

    Warcraft 3 will die sooner or later, so I decided to publish the sources of my code that can add new races. I pulled this code from my other project and optimized it. Replays and multiplayer work. Anyone have an idea how to add a scroll to the race selection menu? GitHub
  4. BigLyfe

    Multiplayer problems?

    Me and some of my friends have been trying to play Ultimabe battle for some time in multiplayer (gameranger) but it just doesn't seem to work though, the start button becomes grayed when someone enters the "server". Is it a problem or is it just normal of the map?, i couldn't find anywhere...
  5. SeTh_WC3

    Warcraft 3 creators cups

    Hello everyone ! I want to create a project related to custom race making and tech tree development. I would like to launch a very special serie of cups with a prizepool for Warcraft 3 competitive players in which competitors can pick a custom race ! The format of the cups will be 2on2 with a...
  6. Michael Peppers

    [Altered Melee] Some race ideas

    Mostly harvesting ideas, just throwing them out there, feedback is appreciated. Kobolds: Hall = Mine, the mine is already harvested by itself (+10/15 a pop), either like an Entangled gold mine or without units, but still costing some upkeep (let's keep it fair). No wood costs, pretty hefty...
  7. GrevinGadal

    [Campaign] Night Elf-Worgen Custom Race (Brainstorming)

    Hi Everyone, I've been lurking about the Hive Workshop for years. I've loved the work of your assets creators and map makers and, now that I'm dipping my toes back into map creation, I decided to get a bit more interactive. Perhaps at some point I'll even be able to give something back. For...
  8. steamedham

    How do i add races/race maps?

    I downloaded footman16's race map pack, how do i use it?
  9. Yusuf123

    Race properties, and stuff, custom stuff, your opinions on my ideas?

    Okay, im planning to make an altered melee map using custom units from my WIP campaign. My idea was to use vanilla warcraft models and abilities to this but i want the races to be unique. So what do you think about these concepts for the races: I want to know if these are possible with the...
  10. Sarungard

    Might and Magic related models?

    Hi guys! I am making an altered melee map with custom races and I am curious, are there any HoMM-series related models published? Most of them would definitely fit in my new races as units and/or heroes! Thank you so much for the responses!
  11. Arkth

    Castle Wars III (Project)

    Hello guys: Well, I want to introduce you this Map: Castle Wars III. I took a very old map that seems forgot, and fell in love with the terrain and the posibilities. The main idea is to create a Footman Frenzy-Survival Chaos feel, with tons of units in game and powerful but not invencible...
  12. Turtul

    The UNDERTALE race!!!!

    Hi! My name is Octavio Maiani and I'm a fan of UNDERTALE (Not so much to have dolls everywere in my house). I just love everything about it, the gameplay, characters, it's retro style of graphics and especially the music. WHO DOESN'T LOVE MEGALOVANIA, SPEAR OF JUSTICE OR HEARTACHE? But I'm going...
  13. Mister_Haudrauf

    [Trigger] Multiple Races for Players & Computers

    Greetings friends, i have made a trigger (multiple in fact) that can do special things: -Also you will see that this is in german so be aware of that. -Also there is a lack of an Victory/Defeat trigger, which should behave like normal gameplay would. I hope you can help me with that. This is...
  14. JesterOfDestiny

    Custom race, that the computer can use.

    So I was making an altered melee map, with four custom races, replacing all four races, with my own ones. I already sort of figured out how to replace the starting unit. Mostly. Because I still have problems with that. But that's not important right now. What is important though, is how could...
  15. S

    THE Xillu

    (I post this here because this is something we would have fun with and draw art of) I finally can make the Xillu! And i got the designs ready. I still need to make the rest of the classes and write they'r history. But have a-little information about them. The Xillu are a curious and peaceful...
  16. JarJar1337

    I need a little help

    Can I have some volunteers as my helpers to give ideas, triggers, and model suggestions for races, units, and newer things being put into the game? Much appreciation to any volunteer that would like to help!