1. ElderWarden

    [HD/Modeling] Need Fel and Hell doodad [Reforged]

    Hello there! I don't know how to create reforged models so I ask here. Someone could create any fel doodad or hell doodad in reforged. Like Walls for demons with crackles, in the right color theme, with spike. Some statue, props and lava fall. (Why not a lava reforged aswell) To create a...
  2. daverave1212

    Where can I find this model? (a glossy/shiny effect)

    I'm looking for a model I've seen somewhere, perhaps in the ultimate terraining map I think it's called, but I couldn't find it in its database either. The model is basically a texture applied on a single plane I think. It has no animations. The whole texture is transparent, except for some...
  3. Mr. Gameplay Knowledge

    Lets play props and hunters

    This is a online multiplayer game which contains fun. : DDD U can find it here: Hunters and Props U can find me under the name: JCENA96