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  1. Alfee :)

    Need help with modelling please

    I wanna make the Castlestorm Viking berserker,Troll and captain Thorvard and i could use the help if you wanna help i could put the models on the workshop
  2. Peach Schnapps

    [Solved] PAYING$ Set Witcher's Inventory System to not allow heros to equip items based on attributes/levels

    Helllooo, I am just having issues with the last real thing I'll hopefully have to pester you guys for but I would appreciate more than I can put into words assistance with setting this inventory system - MUI Multiboard Inventory/Equipment System v.6.0 Which has been modified thanks to you...
  3. Peach Schnapps

    [General] Help with more specific Terrain manipulation through JASS/Triggers

    Would it be possible to be more specific in how I want to manipulate terrain than with just regions? I'm really just concerned with changing out tiles, I imagine through JASS this is possible? o_O EDIT: Idk if I'm asking my question specifically enough, say for instance I want the grass...
  4. Peach Schnapps

    [Trigger] Need help with Damage Engine Armor Trigger

    Hellllo, I'm just trying to set up a trigger with Bribe's Damage Engine that will act a lot like hardened skin: I just want the dmg to be reduced by 1, for each point of armor. This is what I have so far: Events Game - DamageEvent becomes Equal to 1.00 Conditions...
  5. SgtWinter

    WC2 Temple of the Damned Edit Request

    Hiya, Winter here! I'm just here to request someone to edit this model. WCIITempleOfDamned What I want is for somebody to replace the red demonic base foundation thing under it with the standard WC3 Orc one. Should be simple enough, though I'm not really good at model editing so I wouldn't...
  6. Thiiago

    Female Norse Warrior :/

    I just need an female version of this model. If you can put Sorceress head on the helmet, I'd be very grateful. If I get too much "work" to do this, do not worry, I'll tidy up, but I needed a more feminine body for this model: DwarfWarrior It does not have to be a normal "delicate" body of a...
  7. sarumanthecursed

    Recolor of Model(s) skins

    Hey all!! :D Hope the new year is treating you well, my request is that of a simple nature I believe though far too complex for me to do XD I'd the skins for the following models to be Green akin to the Warcraft 3 greenskins if you would be so kind :) Orc Bowman (WotR) Orc Slasher Pack (WotR)...
  8. sarumanthecursed

    Multiple Individual unit upgrades

    I was wondering what would be the easiest way to achieve the following: UnitTypeA can recieve all of the following upgrade: 1UPG 2UPG 3UPG 4UPG 5UPG 6UPG 7UPG Each upgrades costs 100 wood, 100 gold and may be purchased from the unit itself, upon purchase the upgrade is replaced by its...
  9. sarumanthecursed

    [Solved] Help with triggered AOE and DPS spell

    Hi all and joyous holidays to all you hivesters xD I need help involving the triggering of this ability: Slams the ground, cracking the earth's crust and spewing molten lava and flames upon all nearby enemies, dealing 225 initial damage and 10 damage per second every second afterwards for 10...
  10. Keo'

    I need help, my cherished map can't load anymore

    Hi guys, I'm very sorry if this is not the right place for me to ask for help, even though I've been a huge user of this website for ages. I'm just really out of my mind right now! I've been working on a map for 2 years, i love it so much and i've put so much effort into it. I just wrote a...
  11. sarumanthecursed

    Turban Model request

    Hey can anyone make the Turban on this guys head HaradrimArcher as a fitting attachment with perhaps some gold beads or some jewls to "spice" it up xD It would be greatly appreciated. Furthermore if someone could remove the skeleton archer from this model VultureRider so that i may just have...
  12. sarumanthecursed

    Question about hero skill points

    Hey all, is there anyway to make heroes not get skill points upon leveling up?
  13. sarumanthecursed

    Model Recolor + Edit, Request.

    Hey, I would very much appreciate it if someone can change the hair color on this model: Young Link , to a brown/brunette. And remove the shield please.
  14. sarumanthecursed

    [Solved] Race setup

    Hi all >:D Hope your mothers had a good mother's day weekend. I'm trying to set up a system where if any player is human their townhall and peasants are replaced by my custom ones. Here's what i've got: Free Peoples Race Setup Events Map initialization Conditions Actions...
  15. sarumanthecursed

    Help with Tower Garrison System

    Hey all >:D would anyone know how to create a system, where up to 4 player controlled units can enter that same players constructed tower and increase the maximum amount of targets that, that tower can attack by +1 per garrisoned unit? The base for an ungarrisoned tower should be 1 target.
  16. sarumanthecursed

    Model recolor

    Hey, Can anyone make a green reskin of this? please. Invasion vine
  17. S

    Some help could be pleasant at-least

    (This forum really need to come back really) I need quick help with my project. I made some super basic scripts and now i want them to be more advanced. Can anyone help here? I'll send forth the project's file over here but first comment on this thread so i know that i'm not wasting my time.
  18. sarumanthecursed

    add invisibility icon effect to icon

    as the title suggest, I need the effect that the invisibility icon ingame has to be applied to the following icon;
  19. sarumanthecursed

    Need Birth,Work and Damage anims

    Hey all >:D. I know this is quite the lengthy request and I don't expect one user to fulfill it but, it would be greatly appreciated if some one can give the following models (See Pastebin Link) a; Damage anima state (could just have added fire attachments), a Working animation ( ya might have...
  20. sarumanthecursed

    Hook like spell

    Hey I need a hook like spell similar to Pudge's except I want it to only hook the desired target and not the first unit it encounters, plus a minimum firing range would be nice too. (I know i'm asking much but I got to try :D)
  21. sarumanthecursed

    Abilities cancelling each other out

    Hey. in my map I have a lot of abilities so I tend to have to reuse the same dummy abilities like all the autocast abilities and roars, etc.... my problem however is if I use two Inner Fire dummy abilities to place TWO different buffs on a unit with each having separate triggered effects, one of...
  22. sarumanthecursed

    [Solved] Triggered DDS Cleaving attack not working

    hey I've been trying to make a custom cleaving attack that deals 25% (plus an additional 5% on level 2 and 3 (25/30/35%)) of the attacking units dealt damage to units around the attacked unit however I can't seem to get it working. Battle Rage Events Game - GDD_Event becomes Equal...
  23. sarumanthecursed

    Purple Banish Special Effect

    Hey :D the titles pretty self explanatory I just want the exact same ingame beanish effect that makes the unit have the smoke, slightly transparent and a cool purple tinting effect instead of the cool green one in the editor.
  24. Ashevelendar

    [General] Doodads !

    Hello ! So...while I was making my map I exceeded the maximum number of doodads , now I can't save it. What can I do to go around this problem ? Any tools on HIVE that I couldn't find or something ?
  25. sarumanthecursed

    A unit dies condition

    Greetings :D In my trigger there's an attacking unit and an attacked unit, when the attacking unit attacks the attacked unit they both get a buff buffA/buffB now I need a condition that if the attacking unit with buffA dies then remove buffB from the attacked unit and vice versa for the...
  26. sarumanthecursed

    Help with damage based on intelligence

    Hey i'm trying to make a spell that damages unit with in 200 Aoe of the target point of ability being cast based on the level of intelligence my hero has multiplies by the level of the ability being cast but my trigger for some reason isn't working : Arcane Blast Events Unit - A...
  27. sarumanthecursed

    Help with critical strike aura

    I've tried to make a critical strike aura and although it works perfectly it lags like hell thus i'm sure it leaks like crazy to.... is their any way to make this leakless or unlaggy? Variables Events Unit - A unit enters (Playable map area) Conditions Actions If ((Unit-type of...
  28. TPE.YelloW

    Please delete my Map

    Can any Moderator Please delete my map (2) The killed forrest ? Thanks alot if you have time to do it
  29. sarumanthecursed

    map unable to save and all imports become 0

    Hey I've had this problem for a few days now and I've reinstalled a good 5 times but while i'm world "editing" there will come a point where i'll try and save but the world editor will tell me "unable to save map (map name) " so then i'll use the "save as" option and save it in another folder...
  30. Times

    Simple Sound Merge on Model

    Hello, I'd be very thankful if someone could either: - Personally do - Link me a tutorial about - Tell someone to do placing a sound on the normal attack animation of this model: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/adwanced-marine-light.49031/#resource-22178 I think it's okay to do it without...