1. Luashine

    [JASS] Performance analysis of 'leaking' Jass strings & Lua

    Common knowledge has it Jass strings leak!!!1 and are bad!!!1 Let's benchmark by generating A TON of strings. Test code & setup The code below takes your chat message, like "-10" and generates ONE 10-char long string (1=10/10). That's equivalent to generating 10 distinct unique strings in Jass...
  2. Helheim

    [Solved] Game Performance: one trigger versus multiple.

    A little question about performance optimization. What is better: create a separate trigger with it's own conditions for each case, or create one trigger with multiple If Then Else? Example: Example 1 Events Unit - A unit owned by Player 1 (Red) Dies Conditions Actions...
  3. Evilhog

    Dual-channel RAM, Reforged, SC2 and other RTS games.

    So, I've read on other forums that dual-channel RAM is pretty much standard these days and I'm missing much with my PC only having a single stick. It's also running at 1333 Mhz (DDR3), while my CPU and mobo support frequency up to 1600 Mhz, so I'm thinking about upgrading from 1x8GB to 2x8Gb...
  4. Uncle

    [Solved] Any advice/tips/examples on how to improve map performance when dealing with many units.

    Edit: I managed to fix most of all of my issues. I had previously posted a Loop I was making that ran poorly when dealing with multiple units but I sorted it out with a dynamic recycling indexer. Guess it's not a good idea to loop through EVERY single unit, even one's that are no longer used.
  5. Pugnadeus

    Animated doodads and performance

    I have started to use animated doodads to add additional effect to the terrain. My main concern is it's effect on the performance. In order to make the animated doodads stand out, I have to be putting massive amounts of it in the terrain. I am talking about thousands or multiple hundreds of...
  6. Azsure

    [JASS] Dead Trees - Destructibles Recycled/Replaced with Static Effects

    Hello, I thought this might be an interesting idea to bring up here. As most of you know, destructibles cause an addition into the game's lag performance, the more destructibles are added, the more the game is forced to send updates every second to check wheter these destructibles are dead or...