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  1. AtivEnergy

    [Spell] Passive hidden spell with unobstructed vision

    Greetings! I need some help.. again..:peasant-bowing: After a specific time expire. I need to add a hidden passive spell to 3 heroes on the map. Each of those 3 players has only 1 hero. Somehow like this.. Final Events Time - END expires Conditions Actions Unit...
  2. Knight of Arsford

    [General] Ability Icons Not Appearing

    I know this isn't the first time it's been discussed, but I feel like mine's a peculiar case. I did read through the forums and their problems aren't nearly the same as mine. I was making a custom equipment system for an RPG. I made dummy passives out of 0% Bash to represent "empty" slots for...
  3. ravellani

    [Solved] Item with cool down ability and a passive attachment

    I created a skill shot item that is a bow. It shoots an arrow when the item is used and has a cool down between uses. I wanted to add a bow attachment to the hand of the item owner so I tried to add the attachment to the bow shot ability but that is not a passive so it did not work. I added a...
  4. DexterFstone

    Heal Passive Spell

    How to make Heal passive spell, add 1 hp per sec to life and Go beyond max life for example (hero hp 100/100 after 5 sec 105/100) how to do that? The green color is max hp
  5. Henry_AC

    [Spell] How to create a target-unit spell using a passive spell as a dummy? (Solved)

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with creating a spell using Lightning Shield (As a caster spell) and Health Regeneration Aura (As a dummy spell), I want the unit receiving the spell to heal the units around it. And I don't know how to do it. I know it may sound basic and I'm sorry. XD
  6. Xzere

    [Solved] Trigger Function Problem

    Hello, i'm having an issue with my trigger, which is that the chance of a dummy spawning, is (Now in this trigger) based on the hero getting ATTACKED, not the hero itself attacking (Which it's supposed to be). And also the damage dealt is supposed to be based on the base damage of the hero. What...
  7. BrothForMyPeople

    Siege Attack evasion?

    Is it possible via object editor? I mean, making an ability like Demon Hunter's Evasion, but avoiding only siege attack type.
  8. Bain_Rebirth

    Attribute Scaling Non-Damage skills

    Hello, I have a question regarding using Attributes to scale abilities. I'm fairly new to coding as a whole and coding in GUI in the trigger editor also poses a little problem as it gets tedious going through every window trying to find which event/condition/action I want. So I was hoping if...
  9. matin45

    [Spell] Focused Fire Ability

    When you using a gatling, it's slow in the beginning but with every shoot, it bocomes faster until it reaches its maximum. How to create this ability?
  10. D

    Simple Passive Spells

    1. I need certain unit types to have a passive ability (specifically +1 armor) only during night, and lose this bonus during the day. 2. When a hero has a specific item I need a certain ability to be enabled. Specifically I use it to give +5 damage to summoned units when worn. I'm having...
  11. matin45

    [Spell] Passive Mind Rot

    Hi. Warcraft has an ability with the name mind rot that burns enemy unit's mana. I need an passive ability that burn the unit(that unit has this ability)'s mana. Can you help me?
  12. Reinhold

    [Spell] Armor for a few seconds

    Poison Protection Events Time - Every 10.00 seconds of game time Conditions (Level of Poison Protection for (Summoning unit)) Greater than 0 (Unit-type of (Summoning unit)) Equal to Poison Elemental Actions Unit - Add Armor Increase to (Summoning...
  13. dfxiispro

    [Spell] Diminishing Cleave

    Hello there, I am a learning user of WE and in need of help. I am attempting to create a cleave/splash passive with a diminishing AOE. For example this is the character stat sheet from my design: As far as I know there is no Hero Spell or Item that does this that can be turned as a...
  14. JackAcorda

    [Trigger] Random Integer - Higher stats = Higher probability

    I am creating a passive skill for a unit, where whenever it casts a spell there is a probability of resetting the cooldown of the previous cast spell. The probability is based on the unit's intelligence. I tried this: Arcane Lust Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability...
  15. GameFan

    Detcting passive skills "casting"

    How can i detect if a unit is dodging an attack, attacking with bash etc.?
  16. D

    Passive Resurrection Aura/Spell

    I need a spell that, after X seconds delay, brings nearby bring a unit that just died in a radius back to life with X% health. It needs to have a cooldown as well. I just need 1 level of this spell.
  17. Tutko

    Shield of honor / Mithril Plating icon

    Hello can someone make passive icon for Shield of honor / mithril plating (they're the same) ? I couldn't find any of it on hive. Thanks!
  18. Thiiago

    [Trigger Spell] I need help for runs my spell

    The complete is: When an "X" unit takes more than 15% of its max life of damage in less than 1 second of the actions "Y". X = My Mage Y = The Actions thats i can want put in the trigger, this i know. But how triggers is actived i dont know how do :/ Example: My mage has 400 of total life.. 15%...
  19. Carlt0n

    [Spell] Custom debuff on auto attack.

    Hey all, I have been using the map editor for about a week and utilized this site a tonne. Hopefully I have chosen the correct forum to post my question. I am trying to create a passive spell which applies a debuff to the target of the spell owner's auto attack. I have been unsuccessful so...
  20. deepstrasz

    Passive spells, events & conditions

    Heya, so I'm trying to make something happen after Evasion takes place. I tried a unit starts the effect of an ability etc. and I can't get actions to work with the condition: ability being cast equal to evasion. It doesn't seem to work like any normal active ability. Any ideas?
  21. TheAyalalalalon

    [Import] Passive icon help needed

    Hello. This is a simple question about icon customizing How can i add the passive frame effect to an imported icon? Should i need to edit it before importing? Can i add it through some tool inside the editor?
  22. TheAyalalalalon

    [Spell] Increase hero´s max health by percentage instead of flat amount

    Like the title says i searching for make a bonus permanet % life instead of the flat hp that the items or books are giving commonly. Is that possible?