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  1. Thiiago

    [Trigger] Just an chat Trigger to SetName by command

    Remember the "cheats" like: greedisgood X Greedisgood = Command X = amount (?) I need an command / code similar but is for Unit Name... Ex: -SetName_Talon The selected Unit change her name for Talon, understand? Or i do -SetName_OldBear The selected Unit change her name for OldBear o thats...
  2. HerlySQR

    Spells name

    Since I'm not good with naming things, the name of my spells end being shallow, can you help me pls? (my map is located in Draenor, so the names at least should not disaccording with it):
  3. impulse

    Name our TD!

    Hey! So as the title says i need a name for our TD, for the moment we have it named Season TD but feel like thats not a fitting name. Concept of TD - Maze - 4 different builder Fire,ice,lightning and last race unknown -unit spawn from 4 regions. The name Season TD came from that we wanted...
  4. Cheshire

    [Altered Melee] Hero names

    hey all, In the map I'm working on I have 2 custom heros (out of a total 11) which I'm afraid are too similarly named. currently "Puppetmaster"(mind control themed) and "master of illusions". the general theme is trolls. I wanted to hear some opinions if they are to similarly named...
  5. Veronnis

    [Solved] Possible to Reference Region / Rect Name?

    Hello, I'm just curious if anyone happens to know if you can reference a region or rects name, for an example purpose like such: Event: Unit enters region Action: Play Sound Array [(Substring 1,1 of region/rect entered)]
  6. Murilliom

    [Solved] Preserving Proper Names Between "Unit - Replace "

    Anyone know of a quick and dirty way to preserve a Hero's proper name between replacement? For example, I have an instance where a Hero is replaced with an identical Hero with different abilities. In this case, "Build Advanced Structures". However, once the Hero is replaced, a new Proper Name...
  7. necro-mage14

    Need a Someone good in english

    Hello guys, I need some one know english and warcraft lore because I need him to give me a good and unique names for some custom units and heroes I will create for my project for now this the list of my custom Units: CUSTOM UNITS[/COLOR]"] more will come soon....
  8. Vpzneox

    Trying to Remember Old campaign

    Hello- I am quite new to the HWS' s forums (although, Years ago, I used to love visiting the HWS for new Maps, campaigns, etc.). I actually felt a need to register, since this is probably the most organised popular resource for Warcraft III Universe..... Either way, forgive me if...
  9. DatnessX

    [Solved] Set custom variable

    Hi, please help, I am new in W3 Scripting. I wanna: set (variable of name(Content of Variable1)) = Variable2