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  1. AnyNameYouWish

    How to make a unit only able to move in deep water?

    I'm making a Naga RPG and I have changed submerged units to be able to move, and move faster than they do on land. There are two problems I'm running into: 1. I have set the submerged unit's movement types to 'float', but they can still move in shallow water. I want them to only be able to...
  2. almawt

    [Solved] [Trigger] Dice Movement

    Hello! For the last few hours I've been working on making a sorta fun little drinking game, that you play in single player mode. So, I'm trying to work something out where when a player hits the dices (activated by an ability), a random number (2-12) is rolled, the unit moves that amount of...
  3. Izzetin

    Footstep / Move Sound (Trigger)

    Hello! Im looking for a Trigger or Idea to give my Unit a ''Footstep'' sound everytime i move it around on my Map I looked this up on the Forum but only found stuff from 2008 and the Triggers i found didnt work for me somehow (Im not a Trigger expert so i need a simple way or Explanation/Screen)...
  4. cleavinghammer

    Adding new movement types.

    Is it possible to add new movement types in the Object Editor (like an anti-float movement type that prevents going in any water)? Specifically, allowing for a unit that can only move in deep water/dry land (and not shallow water)/shallow water without the use of triggers or pathing blockers...
  5. Wlarius

    Walk/run animations in cutscenes

    I need help figuring out how to have a unit walk to the next region instead of the default running. Many cutscenes do this, but the "walk" animation is not listed when viewing a model in WE. There is only one walk animation for units (apart from morph units), and it is the default running. I...
  6. lolreported

    Movement - Unit Speed - Maximum Constant with latest patch

    With the latest patch Blizzard changed this constant (or fixed it to actually work if it didn't before). I can't remember if the value has always been at 400 by default; but apparently the latest patch now caps the movement speed at 400 for all maps, unless the map have a custom value set...
  7. JC Helas

    [Jass]Keyboard WSA&D/Movement W&S

    //********************************************************************************************* //* //* Keyboard WSA&D v1.0.1 //* //* You can now aware if a player has pressed and released the //* key W,S,A and D in a very fast way. //* //* API //* //* WSAD_W[Player Id] == if true the...
  8. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Trigger] Making a unit turn (nearly) instantly?

    Hello again everyone, Today I'm working on making what I thought would be a fairly simple spell. Here's what I was hoping for it: The assassin casts the spell on a target enemy unit, instantly teleporting 100 units behind them, facing the target. This requires the unit to turn 180 degrees...
  9. polo2005

    [Trigger] Is there a way to make slide/charge skills follow "pathing"? or a way to disable manual moving units

    Hello, I'm trying to do a map where unit movement is handled by the "ai" but you can still cast abilities. my first idea was to set movement speed to 1 so they are able to turn and use a charge spell(based on channel and hidden so only triggers could proc it) to move my units move around...
  10. polo2005

    [Trigger] charge skill moves "charger" toward center of map instead of target (possible hashtable error?)

    Hello, I recently returned to wc3 world edit after a 6-7(ish? stopped right after hashtable were added) break, so trying to freshen up on how stuff worked again. Been reading around on a couple of GUI tutorials trying to relearn the basics and stuff I never learned; and though I would try to...
  11. troylowyee

    How to stop units from walking in a straight line when moving to a point

    I have this hero defence map and when i spawn creeps and move them, they end up colliding with one another and walking in a straight line. How do i get them to move in a formation/cluster instead? I've tried moving them to a midway point and waiting for a few units before issuing another...
  12. Wayshan

    Speed adjustment dependent on terrain

    Hey! I am trying to make a trigger that would give units boost according to the terrain they're on. For example: when you are on the dirt +5% movement speed when you are on the rock -5% movement speed. I would like the trigger to check all units every 1 second and depending on their position...
  13. Ofel

    Advanced homing projectile

    How to make a projectile to properly home-in to a target unit? My problem is about the mathematical calculation. Currently, I've managed to make the projectile move to a 3D point towards its facing direction with offset by [speed base] plus offset by [turn acceleration] towards the target unit...
  14. TheOakStaff

    [Solved] Invisibility that breaks upon movement

    Hello there, Just installed WC III (ROC & TFT) again after many years and decided to make a little custom game-mode. I want to have a unit be able to become invisible at will and that the effects ends when the character attacks or moves. Any help would be appreciated. Fair warning, I know...
  15. Uncle

    [Solved] Slide System (x and y position movement) problems

    EDIT: I managed to solve the issues with this trigger: Issues: 1) The sliding unit spins in an endless circle if you right click/order it to move too close to itself. 2) The sliding unit spins if you click near unpathable terrain, and even just being near anything with collision seems to...
  16. SoooK

    [Solved] Strange diagonal unit movement

    In my map, I order units from point A to point B. Each unit has their own line on a path. I want to prevent my units from hugging each other on the way. This system works great, as long as they are running horizontaly or verticaly on the map. As soon as they start running on a diagonal path...
  17. Donnerkoettel

    Move Unit instantly from A - B walking Animated

    Hi guys. This time i want to move a unit from one area to another area instantly to break through the limit of max speed (522). I have ofcourse tried the surch function and google but the thing is instead of google those forum-searchings dont give me any usefull output. Google on the otherhand...
  18. Stormshock

    Question about: Unit - Move unit and face angle (instantly)

    Hello all, Currently I'm working on map to create a chess game. I got a nice idea for the movement. I use the [Unit - Move unit and face angle (instantly)] trigger command and move a unit (which are the chess pieces) 256 points to move 1 space up, see also the image below. I've got this...
  19. SharSash

    [Trigger] Making unit move towards point with polar offset

    So, I've made a spell based on channel with point-target. The idea of the spell is that it creates a dummy with locusts and this dummy must go into target point of abillity beign cast direction untill it reaches the edge of playable map area and dies after. But the problem is that unit goes only...
  20. BrothForMyPeople

    Animating a model

    So I've created (reedited/modified?) this model and I want it moving. Are there some animating tutorials?
  21. hardcure


    Anyone can help me. cause i'm making a loap game and i want a car unit move only in one tile type. of example my car will only move in grass tile. please help
  22. _Guhun_

    Change Unit Attack-Type, Damage and Range in-game

    So, I was trying to remove locust in-game seamlessly (click and drag select) for my RP map, so I decided to play around with Crow Form. I thought I had everything figured out, but then my units started getting the attack type of the crow form unit, instead of their own attack type. Apparently...
  23. AquaFire

    How to Make a Unit Immune to Movement Slow?

    Hello Everyone, I am watching to create an equip-item that allows the user to ignore all movement-speed-slowing effects. I do not want to create a trigger that will just remove all buffs affiliated with movement speed debuffs because the intent is to remove just the movement speed slow and not...