1. DenWakeman

    [Role Playing Game] Order and Chaos Offline

    I've just had an idea of recreating Order and Chaos Online in Warcraft III. And I have a few questions about it. 1. Which version of map editor should I use? I have 1.26a, 1.27b, 1.29.2, 1.31.1 and may get the Reforged. I don't really consider using older versions because the newer ones have...
  2. Xain

    [Trigger] Sticky Mouse Camera in MMORPG System. SOLVED

    While I can read and write Jass I'm not the best at it and instead prefer to use the bare minimum I have to in Jass and use gui for the rest. The result is what I feel a much more user friendly map for people who use gui and jass. I took the mouse camera system demo made by Brilock and broke it...
  3. Nazujin

    [Development] Astro Tamers MMORPG

    Hello Friends, I'm here to recruit some people to join forces and make a nice monster catch MMORPG (outside of warcraft). A new mmorpg of taming monsters with the theme Space monsters, but many new mechanics and features. ASTRO TAMERS mmorpg Story : In a far away future, humans developed a...
  4. Nazujin

    RPG SAVE / LOAD question

    Hello everyone, Im making a new mmorpg and im a experienced terrainer but not so good trigger, anyway. Guys i want to know, what save load system best fit into a pomemon / monster master like rpg. And what should i change to it work with 6 heroes, instead of 1. something like that: - main hero...
  5. Tom_Almighty1

    Add Floating Stand animation to this mode (Villager 40 animations)

    Hi guys I'm currently creating a multiplayer RPG map similar to MU Online which you can have WINGS so I was wondering if someone could add at least 1 stand floating and 1 walk floating animation to this model. Villager It is that villager 40 animations, the author is .KC but he was last seen...
  6. tolist85

    My Lol Videos

    Hi there, I have videos about Lol. I hope you like. The new ones will be coming. Good looking! Have fun!
  7. Shayoo

    [Orpg] Depethia Online 1.0 ~ 2.0 Advancement

    Depethia Online Project By shayoo First off, i'm going to do my best trying to deliver the idea of this project with my "low grade" english skills. This project was born in december 2015, it was based on my knowledge of Alot of Mmorpg, being a fan myself of Asian wc3 fan based rpg. I started...
  8. TriggerHappy

    [Role Playing Game] Warcraft 3 MMO - Persistent Gameplay

    Warcraft 3 MMORPG Alpha Version Download here How to Play Download and extract and run the executable. From there you may create an account and login while the launcher automatically downloads the necessary files. When you click "Play", Warcraft III should start loading a map...