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  1. Haxerflaxer

    Pathing blockers and the will to fly freely.

    Hey, I'm currently working on a TD in the shape of a mountain. I have paths leading in a spiral to the middle top where the objective for the enemy is. Everything has gone well so far and I've been able to solve most of my issues by googling and searching the forums, except for a few things...
  2. FeelMyRash

    There and Back Again (Redo of my Map), looking for a partner

    Hello. Anyone who's checked out my maps should (hopefully) be familiar with "There and Back Again". For those not familiar with it, it is a maze map based off "The Hobbit" book and films. The map is currently divided into sub-maps (smalker maps included in the main map), but I am not happy...
  3. RoboFleksnes

    maze.game - The spiritual successor to Mazing Contest!

    Heya all! Back in the day me and my friends would play the Warcraft III custom game Mazing Contest a lot! I really liked the mazing aspect and wanted to explore the options for play within this aspect. So I took a few months off work and created maze.game! The game has an Arena mode where...
  4. Dregonx

    [Role Playing Game] Maze of Doom: Reborn (100% Complete, Up to 23 Players or AI, Third Person or Regular Camera + More!)

    I'm adding this here because unlike my other wc3 custom maps I've made, this one is big enough that I think it requires its own unique thread. NOTE: If you are interested in my socials: https://linktr.ee/Dregonx will lead you to them. Credits for ALL models/icons etc used are mentioned...
  5. Pascal

    Coop Toder-Defence map you can play with 3 players and has mazing possibity?

    hey, does anyone know maps, you can play with 3 players(and not loose instand, so really playable with fun) with this features: 1. tower-defence 2. coop 3. maze-possibility 4. for nomal Warcraft III playable (no reforged required) I know: arkguils Tower Defence Burbenog TD any more? thx!
  6. HerlySQR

    [Escape / Maze] The escape of draenei

    Hello everyone, At first I wish you could put several prefixes, because my map is that one team has to escape (Draenei) while the other has to prevent them from escaping (Demons). Information: -There are in total 23 Heros (11 Draenei - 12 Demons / 7 Strength - 7 Agility - 9 Inteligence)...
  7. iown_azz

    Maze Triggers - Death Region

    Are you making a maze and you know not much of coding or just lazy to add each region in GUI? Well today I bring to you a little project I am working on. A website of LUA Triggers for mazes, maybe other things as well. It is a website because now anyone can use it instead of making it in a...
  8. Infernohunt

    [Tower Defense] Warhammer Medieval TD

    Warhammer TD Map Details Up to 9 Players: 8 base defenders, 1 final defender (Grey temporarily disabled due to desync issues) 35 Waves: 5 air, 4 mech, 5 boss 10 playable races, with each having around 17-19 towers (~94 different towers) Interest and Tower Relocation systems Tower Synergies...
  9. roteskoalababy

    Warcraft Maul Rework

    Dear all, the original Warcraft Maul has not been updated since 2012 but really needs it! So I decided to make it my project. The Next Gen. Maps that are on here are nice but I feel like they aren't actually improving the feel of the game that we like so much. So I am asking YOU what you WANT in...
  10. D

    [Escape / Maze] Platform Escape EZPZ

    Update: Your boy jondrean had the map in Downloads folder and reinstalled WC3 as the patch didn't work on EU servers. Development has been delayed by 3254 years. Thanks for your patience! The idea is based on Platform Escape by gameslayer001. The name "Platform Escape EZPZ" is a parody of there...
  11. SomewhereAcrossNowhere05


    From my map: Somewhere Across Nowhere
  12. SomewhereAcrossNowhere04


    From my map: Somewhere Across Nowhere
  13. SomewhereAcrossNowhere03


    From my map: Somewhere Across Nowhere
  14. SomewhereAcrossNowhere02


    From my map: Somewhere Across Nowhere
  15. SomewhereAcrossNowhere01


    From my map: Somewhere Across Nowhere