map crashes

  1. cvc21

    Map keep crashing once I tried opening it

    Hello, My map keeps on crashing once I tried opening it. It was working properly then I just need to take a break and shutdown my device. When I tried reopening the map again it keeps on crashing. Please help. Thank you p.s. BTW, I am currently working on Battle for Darkshore warfront. Thanks...
  2. Hazop

    World Edit doesn't load Maps

    I recently have been getting back into War3 and when I wanted to edit some of my older maps, it didn't work. Whenever I try to open any map it does the loading bars, then shows this screen. Clicking, absolutely anywhere causes it to immediately say "(Not Responding)" I uninstalled and...
  3. Crusher

    [Trigger] Map Randomly Crashing whilst being played Online

    EDIT: Solution found, read the end of the thread. Hello and sorry for the long thread name. Ever since few days ago (can't remember and pinpoint the exact date) my map started to freeze and eventually crash during gameplay. The weirdest thing is that the map does not crash when being played...
  4. HerlySQR


    I already asked for help to this before, but nobody gave me an answer so again I wanna ask you, why my map have desyncs?
  5. HolyWillRise

    Help! My custom map freazes and get no error message.

    Hey Hive, I am having a problem right now where my map will freeze after about 20-30 minutes of game time, and then crash with no error message. I'm not entirely sure what is causing the issue as the map is very small and triggers are very basic with most of them being when an ability is cast...
  6. Jake Conner


    So... been working on this map for a year. And now all the sudden, when I try to load it in editor, it will go through all the initializing just fine, but then stops at "loading 2 of 8 triggers". I have tried restarting the computer. I have closed out of it (wasn't responding) dozens of times...
  7. VortexBeater

    World Editor, My map can not be load.

    Hello everyone, i had a problem with my Warcraft 3 map. I was normally editing it, i saved it, shutdown my computer, and then, the next day, i tried to open it again to continue editing, but it charged the map, and then crash the world editor. The map still working when i play it from the...
  8. ZeroGravity

    [Trigger] My units cannot move and map crashes during the game

    I have been updating my map quite a few versions already, but this happened out of nowhere. At first it was all working nicely until I hosted online on ent. Everyone desynced and crashes. When that happened, I decided to play the map on single player, but it seemed all units cannot move, and...