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  1. J2Krauser

    Altering a specific unit's overhead status bar

    Hi. By overhead status bar, I mean the health/mana bar above a unit. I'm well aware that I could just get rid of the bars, and make my own, then make them look as janky as I wanted. What I'm interested in is if there's a way to fiddle with the stock ones. I've been trying to cook up a solution...
  2. Yours Truly

    Removing Life Drain's "Already at Full Health"

    Hey there. I'm currently using Life Drain as a channeled ability that gives Lightning visual, and I want to make it castable on both allies and enemies. It works like a bomb, where you channel for X seconds and it explodes for damage. It works on enemies, but it has an issue on allies. I can't...
  3. you will be remembered and missed 12 dollar bills and 4 pennies (Jan 19, 2019) (Media Version)

    you will be remembered and missed 12 dollar bills and 4 pennies (Jan 19, 2019) (Media Version)

    https://www.hiveworkshop.com/pastebin/0b57be0a08727a64f179ff502b1f03d319285/ = media version jic i might get rid of it as keeping it as on the pastebin also. | or ask me where to get rid of it if wanted. :)
  4. NightKnight

    Fantasy Life: needing a terrainer

    We are looking for a terrainer to help in making a whole new map for the RP/RPG map Fantasy Life: Fantasy Life v3.2b (4) The map has a unique style of terraining and HD tiles. All information and introduction about the map is included in the link. There are also many screenshots in that link to...
  5. Cizqué

    Drain Life & Siphon Mana

    Hey , i have a small issue on one of my maps. I have this hero that i want to have both Drain life and Siphon mana abillity (as seperate spells) Here is the problem i’m having. When my hero learned both the spells it will always cast Siphon mana wich ever abillity of the two i’m trying to use...
  6. hemmedo

    (Solved) Need SFX fix on this spell

    Greetings, I need an AoE drain life for my map and it seems that this spell which was made by D4RK_G4ND4LF compensates my needs pretty much. But, apparently there is a graphical problem in this spell:\ The lightning effect doesn't show up properly unless fog of war is disabled or something. I...
  7. NightStalker

    [General] An efficient way of city life

    I want the villagers in my city have dynamic lives(at least an image of it). During day time, villagers will work/wander/chat/shop etc. During night, some will go into their houses while some go to the tavern for some fun After 12:00 am everybody(except some special npcs) will go into their...
  8. TheAyalalalalon

    [Spell] Increase hero´s max health by percentage instead of flat amount

    Like the title says i searching for make a bonus permanet % life instead of the flat hp that the items or books are giving commonly. Is that possible?
  9. pyf

    A Bunch of Rocks

    Food for thought, from the pages of xkcd https://xkcd.com/505/