1. fenix140

    Edit 1:How creating illusions with passive spells that the UI can display and that can cast a Pspell

    (Edit 1.1: Update 1: Add Usable Defense skill to an illusion. Add: Shadow Meld and Root / Unroot also) As the title says I found a way to add skills to the illusions (Excuse my English, it is not my source language). I suppose that in the versions of War 3 after 1.29 I think I solve this...
  2. Wrda

    [LUA] Hiding only the bottom part of the UI

    So my idea for a map was to hide only the bottom part of the UI because it is just irrelevant for the gameplay. But this hides everything. BlzFrameSetAllPoints(BlzGetOriginFrame(ORIGIN_FRAME_WORLD_FRAME, 0), BlzGetOriginFrame(ORIGIN_FRAME_GAME_UI, 0))...
  3. Kazeon

    UI Utils Manual

    Introduction UI Utils is a library written in vJass which aims to assist user in using the new UI natives introduced since patch 1.31. Without this library, user is required to learn and understand a lot things before being able to actually deal with '"the interface" itself, things like toc &...
  4. Tigrick

    Hide Priest Upgrade Level in UI

    Hello everyone! When priests/sorceresses/etc... are upgraded to unlock more spells, their "rank" is displayed in the UI, next to an icon. The problem is the small number next to the icon. I want it gone. I want to use the "rank" UI-Icon as a display of an accuracy value. P.S.: Also, where...
  5. Duvo

    [JASS] "Added Custom User Interface functions to allow map makers to add, remove, and adjust UI frames"

    (sorry, I posted this to the wrong section earlier) This line from the ptr patch notes particularly took my attention. we've been given the following natives to play with in JASS, but how do we even use them?; constant originframetype ORIGIN_FRAME_GAME_UI =...
  6. Raised

    GetMyAdvice (...)

    So be it. I've decided to feel a bit pain in my ass, making decision to post something at least weekly. I hope I can get a precise advice how to make my skills better Otherwise I'll add you to ignore list. I know you don't care, just notice ~^ So, I'll begin with art I have drawn before: Some...
  7. Chaos Omega

    Transferring Gameplay Consonants/Game Interface

    As the title suggest I was wondering, is it possible to transfer Gameplay Consonants/Game Interface data from one map to another one or to a new map ? Or do I just have to do it all over again in the new/other map ?
  8. Tagar

    neding of modelers

    hello im relativeli new in the hive and i am working on a proyect called : drenodar boarriors(boar+warrior) chronicles, based on a diferent world called drenodar were the main history is centred on a boarrior herd(demi nomadit boarriors grupes) leaded by broken tusk, a mighty war chieftain that...