1. Gilded

    Scavenging Corpses

    I want to learn how to Allow the Unit to Scavenge a corpse with a knife. For Example my Hero just murdered a bear and needs to extract the meat from the corpse and not just the fur that is done on my map. But I want skinning a bear to be special or some other animals. Something Founders of The...
  2. Mr. Gameplay Knowledge

    Lets play props and hunters

    This is a online multiplayer game which contains fun. : DDD U can find it here: Hunters and Props U can find me under the name: JCENA96
  3. Tzalksar

    [Role Playing Game] Hunters

    Hunters of the Desert ORPG Story: Many generations after the battle of Mount Hyjal, chaos started to spread among the various races. In a series of many altercations, the races now almost all fend for themselves. Thrall's Horde, disbanded. The Warsong clan is the only strong civil entity of the...