[Role Playing Game] Hunters

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Jul 5, 2015

Hunters of the Desert

Many generations after the battle of Mount Hyjal, chaos started to spread among the various races. In a series of many altercations, the races now almost all fend for themselves. Thrall's Horde, disbanded. The Warsong clan is the only strong civil entity of the orcs left. The Night Elves now cling to the pockets of Ashenvale that are yet untouched by encroaching peoples. And most of the Tauren moved to the Eastern Kingdoms to help heal the land from the grasp of the scourge.

Among all this chaos, there are few who still wish to live in peace, and have become Hunters. There are many hunting locations throughout the world, but here in the Barrens, some of the most renowned of these Hunters gather together to take on some beasts that have been getting a bit too strong.

You and four others will take control of these hunters and hunt down said beasties.


Quarai, the Spider Queen and first Raid Boss
I intend that every dungeon have a raid version, where all the units are leveled to the max and and no leveling is allowed in the dungeon, if it is in raid mode.

Quarai's Battlefield.

Algamar, the Dragon Lord. Final Raid Boss

The Landscape

A View of the Murloc's River

The Starter Camp

This is a picture of a Teleport Stone, these will be used as revival points and to traverse between each major town/city/camp.

Features in V1.0:
-Hero and Unit Revive
-5 Unique Heroes (no custom JASS abilities), with 250 max level
-1 Dungeon with full loot pool
-Tavern selection for heroes
-3 Non-Dungeon or non-Town areas

If you wish to beta test the map, leave a comment below and I will sign you up and give you a slot, and give you the link to the paste-bin for the public copy.
I currently would like 8-10 people to beta test the map for me
. If you are not playing with me, I must ask that each group delegate someone to make a video, showing me bugs, and voicing your opinion.

Group 1
Group 2

Any and All HIVE staff members who wish to look at the code/inner workings of the map or look at the editor side in general, message me and tell me you are a staff member, and I will get you the link to the pastebin for the editable copy.

Because this is the first map that I have ever released, or even got to the point where I can release, Obviously it is lacking in what alot of mapmakers actually have right now. In lou of that, I intend to apply visual mods in later versions, or even in the final version itself, because I want to focus on gameplay. As soon as I know that everything works like it should, I will implement custom models, terrain, and other features including JASS scripts to improve on the trigger-only stuff I have now.

*This is a Twilight's Eve clone yes. However, there are going to be many different features in this that Twilight's did not have, like EVERY DUNGEON having a level 250 Raid Boss.*
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Level 4
Jul 5, 2015
*first of all, bump.... secondly... sort-of update*

*clears throat* Time for business... To make it a little clearer about my thing with doing the closed beta. I want people who are willing to play BUT who can offer critiques more specifically about character and ability synergy. whether the combat works well, and other things like that. Basically with help of beta testers, I can do an open release of Versions 1.1, 1.2, etc.

I'd also like someone to at least take a look at the triggers (pref a staff member), see if they need cleaning or can be cleaned up.

I am working on Version 2.0 now and will have it out maybe in a couple weeks, the biggest additions will be a complete mini-map with all dungeons and loot set up, all mobs created, and possibly a save/load function setup. Version 2.0 will also feature random loot from creatures (useless stuff like pelts, feathers, teeth), and boss-level creatures outside of dungeons. There are also going to be story elements in the world and quests also will be available for faster level up! Version 2.0 will be released AFTER I can get some people to beta test and help me with bug-fixes and what not.

AFTER 2.0 will include heavy JASS scripting (and even improving the current gui triggers with JASS), like custom spells, boss battles beyond basic melee so essentially level 3 and up, according to @Asomath and probably some more space efficiency (shrinking some areas to make more, and possibly more dungeons.)

PROJECT HAS BEEN HALTED DUE TO LACK OF ABILITY TO WORK ON IT. My means of working on the map has been revoked and I will not be able to work on it for quite a while. This is a set-back that I cannot even stress enough pisses me the hell off. I will do my best to remedy this, but I do not see how I will.
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