hero arena

  1. guileful

    Help Find me The Map

    The map is sort of a Battle Royale. Heroes start in random places and farm neutrals to get gold and exp. Occasionally you can have duels with other heroes through a command or through a scheduled one. There are many items and recipes, and they can be combined (just like in DotA). The name was...
  2. NightFarer

    Need help to find a wc3 custom map

    Hello, in 2009 for the first time I got a computer and master installed Warcraft 3 full of different custom maps. Now, I want to return back to good old times and play some of the maps that I was playing back then. Specifically, I am looking for the map where you choose heroes as a wisp...
  3. meatfactory

    [Hero Arena] NHAOS Development

    INTRO Ever had that nostalgia feeling for the dawn of custom Warcraft 3 maps, like the very first time you played War Chasers, DOTA, Angel Arena, Footman Wars and so on? Like many other people (I suppose), sometimes I come back to these old maps and give them a quick replay. This thread is...
  4. FeelMyRash

    Fifth ability for melee heroes?

    Hey guys, wazzup! Its me again! (honestly, this is basically the only forum I post in here on HIVE... hopefully that'll change in the future...). I'm here to bring about a discussion (which isn't ACTUALLY a discussion, as I'm also using it for ideas, which is why I posted here). You see, I'm...
  5. Cheshire

    hero arena without domino effect scaling

    Hey there, I want to create a hero arena-like map, where basically each player just controls one hero for a long time like dota (gameplay is very different then aos genre though..). I want there to be high levels available etc' so the longer the gameplay the more powerful heroes get, but at...
  6. Thunderprime

    Help with Leaderboard and Duel Arena

    Hi, so I've been recently remaking some old hero arena map. The game is almost playable but I need to fix the leaderboard and duel arena to fit togheter as when the countdown timer for duel reach 0, the player with most kills in each team enters the arena to duel. then the leaderboard reset for...
  7. JaydenV25

    WoW: Arathi (6v6) Video linked

    Something I've been working on for a while, I hope to have an Alpha version ready to test in a few days. Battle your friends with a movement system that allows limitless possibilities to outplay each other. Using the mouse (right click) to move and keyboard (wasd) to strafe; boost your speed...
  8. Karva

    Searching for Special Hero Arena

    Hello, long time ago I saw a Hero Arena by a friend of mine but I do not know the name of the map. It was a kind of hero arena, deathmatch, battle royale... First you took a hero and leveled him up by killing creeps. To get those creeps you took a pet and let it run on a circle to let the...
  9. Thunderprime

    Creep spawn during duel

    Hi, i've been recently remaking some old hero arena map. I've found myself a problem that i cannot find a solution: -I have 4 areas on 2 side of the map that spawn 1 creep every 40 second, 1 at a time. so the second creeps in the same small area takes 160 seconds to spawn. -but each creep has a...
  10. albertdos

    Looking for a Warcraft 3 MOBA map

    Hey there, Looking for a map i played way back when, it had the following: - +- 6 yo 10 years ago. - Auto attack only - Purchasable hero units (upgrades essentially)to replace your own.(Can only control one hero unit) - Mainly flying ship heroes, one or two ground based vehicle heroes. -...
  11. Austrulex

    [Hero Arena] Realm of DarkRune Dev.

    Hello Hive! Please take a look at the Map I've been slowly working on for the past 2 years. Most of it is just the early game but What I want to showcase is how the Heroes play like and in what ways can I improve them. I'm open to any constructive criticism but please take note of the the...
  12. volka25

    Looking for testers and coders. Gameplay Video

    If anyone is interested in working or testing this message my email - [email protected]. There's currently 7 heroes to choose and the main object of the game is complete.
  13. volka25

    [Untitled game] -Alpha Testers -Player Opinion

    Hey guys, I started working on a map after hearing about Reforged, which was great to hear after putting 12 years into an outdated engine, and my mate has been urging me to share it. He's a hardcore gamer and has never given me any positive critique until now, so it has given me some extra...
  14. MrFroz


  15. -Manuel-

    [Aeon of Strife] Golden Lands Beta 1.6 AI

    GOLDEN LANDS Golden Lands is a fast-paced MOBA that requires teamplaying. Both teams with 5 players each, they command a powerful “Boss” and can capture important points called “Bases” to get a good positioning and tools to defend his territory and “Gold Mines” that generates the “Resources”...
  16. Dark-Zalor

    Hyperion Last War V1,3

  17. kirtap1001

    creep revive

    Hey! my name is Kirtap1001 and i love Hive...
  18. Vegavak

    [AOS] Tactics: Kingdom

    Top 12 player aos style map (8-12 players recommended) (160 x 160 playable, 192 x 192 actual; Large Map) current map size: 1.19mb (down from 1.39mb) minimap is currently hidden progress: 70%±5% recoding/reworking alpha Author's Notes CAUTION: LINKS CURRENTLY DO NOT WORK. (SCROLL DOWN) Basic...