1. Helga

    Hash tables split for optimization: is it worth it ?

    Hi! Sorry for a beginner's questions 😅 My goal is to make some units cast spells on auto-attack. I've noticed some FPS drop even with 3-4 players, so I have to upgrade some triggers. But I'm a bit confused: I've read that large hash tables and multiple if\then\else statements in trigger with "A...
  2. TwoLeft

    [JASS] Which is faster?

    I'm currently writing a dummy system and I want it to have a sanity check, which of the options is faster and what happens with LoadBoolean() if the hashtable is empty at that spot? Edit: How would HaveSavedBoolean() compare to those two?
  3. Phyrus

    [Trigger] Problem with AI AOS Skill Trigger

    Hey everybody I need your help. At the moment I creating my version of DotA (with a template (Ai Basics) from aleksandarB ) and parts of the AOS AI System created by Shinji. When I play 20+ min I get this error: (sorry for my german/english mix editor I'm from germany ^^") I browse some...
  4. Peach Schnapps

    What are the differences in MUI setups?

    From what I’ve read there’s multiple ways to go about setting up an MUI spell or “system”, using an array, using hash tables, I’m just curious are any of these considered the optimal method? Are there draw backs to any?
  5. HerlySQR

    [General] Question About Hashtables

    Do things that leak also leak if I save it in hashtables? If it was, so how can I solve it, because sometimes when I use "Clear Hashtable" for some reason I can't use it again.
  6. Kreuzschlitz

    [Trigger] RESOLVED: Boss AI through Hashtable

    First of all I'd like to apologize for the formatting of the images, as shown in the first picture for whatever reason I cannot copy the trigger text as I would like to as the option is grayed out. I also do not have the option available when I simply right click the trigger itself. Onto what...
  7. Veracius

    [Trigger] Weird unit hashtable save/load

    Hello, I'm having a bit of a trouble with a specific part of a charge trigger. Let me explain the issue here. In trigger "Rush cast" I'm saving this: Hashtable - Save Handle Of(Target unit of ability being cast) as 0 of (Key (Casting unit)) in ht_charge And in trigger "Rush loop" I'm loading...
  8. CeyhunRyZ

    How to save boolean data and use it

    How to save boolean data in gamecache and how to use it in another map? (Set DifficultyHardSelected = True) How can I save this boolean and use?
  9. zellneaj

    Hashtable Not Working

    I've started getting back into the editor after Reforged came out and I've had a problem using hashtables (using WC3 Reforged) in my map so I made a very simple map with a VERY basic trigger to debug the problem. Basically, If a unit casts an ability, save the real value 100 and then immediately...
  10. DoomBlade

    [Trigger] Hashtable Trigger that increases stacks, please help [REFORGED]

    INI Trigger Might Events Game - PDD_damageEventTrigger becomes Equal to 1.00 Conditions (Level of Might for PDD_target) Greater than 0 (PDD_target belongs to an enemy of (Owner of PDD_source).) Equal to True (Random integer number between 1 and 100)...
  11. NoobPromedio

    Check if unit has alredy been afected

    I have a unit "caster" that creates a proyectile "shockwavedummy", every 0.03 seconds it picks all the units in a 200 radius of the proyectile and deals 100 magic damage to them. What i want is to check if a unit has alredy been dealt damage to, and if so, to not damage them again. i've come up...
  12. polo2005

    [General] (hashtable question, gui) Will setting a new value in a hashtable cause a leak

    Hello, was wondering when I need to clear an hashtable? for example: lets assume (Key cd) of (Key (Picked unit)) in AI_hashtable in the trigger under is set to 0. Set temp_real = ((Load (Key cd) of (Key (Picked unit)) from AI_hashtable) + 0.10) Hashtable - Clear all child hashtables of child...
  13. polo2005

    [Trigger] charge skill moves "charger" toward center of map instead of target (possible hashtable error?)

    Hello, I recently returned to wc3 world edit after a 6-7(ish? stopped right after hashtable were added) break, so trying to freshen up on how stuff worked again. Been reading around on a couple of GUI tutorials trying to relearn the basics and stuff I never learned; and though I would try to...
  14. Ricola3D

    Hashtables - GUI vs JASS > parameters reversed ?

    Hello, Sorry if you find it a dummy question: I am currently using hashtable after having read many tutorials. And is it me or in Save/Remove calls, the parameters order is reversed between GUI and JASS ? In particular parent & child keys ? Exemple: From many tutorials I read (unfortunately...
  15. Uncle

    [Solved] Trouble with Item-Type Hashtable (Remove item from Marketplace with it's ItemID)

    EDIT: Got it all working. Accidentally deleted most of the post but here's what I was having issues with. Didn't know how to remove/add Items to and from a Marketplace using Item Integers from my Hashtable. Figured it out: Custom script: call RemoveItemFromStockBJ(...
  16. BradPittlord

    [Solved] Hashtable Leaks?

    In a TD I'm trying to set a large number of units to a hashtable each wave. How do I remove all the units from the Hashtable between Waves so it doesn't leak each wave? Clear child hashtable wants a specific value, which that unit is only saved to that hashtable so I don't know how to get that...
  17. loktar

    [Solved] Can things like hashtables, triggers be constant?

    Can things like hashtables, gamecaches, triggers be defined as constant globals when they won't be reassigned? The reason I think they might not is that the actual object can change by storing/flushing values or adding events, conditions or actions. Is there even a compelling reason to do it...
  18. Mistablockout

    [Trigger] Trigger Not Retrieving From Hashtables Correctly

    In this game, the modes and maps are selected and then the map is generated. The generation works fine, everything is placed within the region I want them to be placed in. One of the few destructibles that are placed down are "Rock Chunks", and the majority of the early game will be running...
  19. redscores

    [vJASS] Public Library Function not "defined"

    Hello, I am currently creating a resource system for my AoS map with vJASS. It is supposed to use a hashtable in a library to store custom "resources" (like mana and energy and such) with reference to the unit that "owns" this resource. This is the code for the system: library...
  20. Woodenplank

    [Trigger] MUI and simultaneous cycles

    So I've created a spell that sends a line of 8 explosions down a path, dealing damage. The explosions proc every 0.85 seconds, so a full line takes about 7 seconds to complete. The spell works just fine, but the Hero has a "cooldown reset" ability, so it has to be MUI - and indeed, with...
  21. CodeBlack

    [Solved] Hashtables and unit Groups

    Hey guys, i am currently working on a group movement system for one of my maps and so far everything works fine...except one thing. This is the first time im using hashtables as core of a system and i dont understand how to use them with Unit Groups. I tried this: Unit Group - Add (Last...
  22. xRockx

    [Trigger] Hashtable load not working on Timer Expiration

    Hello there, first off i tried dumbing down the triggers to just the parts that i think that are related to the problem if you think it must be something else please let me know. What i am basically trying to do is use a loop to create a Timer for every player that is playing. In the loop body...
  23. coachmcguirk94

    [Trigger] New to Hashtables, integer returning as 0

    Imgur First post here, sorry about linking images from imgur, i'm sure there's a much better way to go about this. Anyway, the 2 pictures above are from a simple trigger I made for a healing spell. I have the hashtable working (It's created at initialization so that's not the problem) for some...
  24. UUcounterspell

    Question hashtables and arrays

    Hello all script writers sorry I'm noob on this topic. I think that hashtables look similar to arrays of arrays (2d arrays) because 2 indexes are used to recover one value, just like column and row number in a paper table, but they have different names and people write that hashtables hold a...
  25. RobertMKD

    Hashtable problem

    Hi, I am saving a few timer handles into a hashtable and I am loading their data once the timers expire with the (Key(Expiring Timer)). I am saving 2 integers and 1 real for each timer and I don't know how to load the data of another timer which is not the expiring one.
  26. Argus

    [Solved] Failing to load (or save?) certain values from hashtable

    I'm setting up this system that saves a bunch of destructibles in a hashtable, and then also sets the corresponding coordinate in another hashtable to true or false depending on if there was a destructible there to save. Tile Indexer Events Conditions Actions For each...
  27. 1)ark_NiTe

    [Solved] Same Value Returns Both 0.0 and NULL from Hashtable

    The following code returns true for r == 0.0 and r == null. Can anyone tell me why? I would expect that only r==0.0 would return true. local unit t = GetTriggerUnit() local real r = 0.0 //Save 0.0 value to hashtable call SaveRealBJ(0.0, GetHandleIdBJ(t), 1, udg_hashTable) //Other actions...