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  1. Luashine

    How to use Blizzget to download official game files (for example v1.32.10)

    Since 1.33 is really a mess that continues to be a headache (especially the WorldEditor), here's a guide how to get the official files for previous releases. I assume you have already bought the game or own a license. Of course, you must understand that a "multi-dollar company" Blizzard cannot...
  2. ZhakNait

    In search of guides not to lose

    Hi everyone, I recently downloaded WC3 again to play custom campaigns (an excellent game that my PC can run) and stumbled upon the fact that I get beaten many times in base building missions. For that reason, I want to request guides (preferably extensive) on how to build a good base and which...
  3. haochuan

    [Technical Sharing] A more efficient way to manage custom campaigns

    Hi dudes, I finally purchased the War3 reforged recently because the mod community is getting bigger. Being a player myself when I was a kid, it's disappointed to witness what Blizzard has done to the game. After I started to install many of the old custom campaigns, I found it was complicated...
  4. Nemesis DSGB

    [General] Request Tutorial "World Edit Update Roadmap"

    Hi guys, I'm requesting a tutorial or "guide" for everything that changed mod-wise in world editor since I was a teen. (if i can get enough info maybe ill make this guide) Examples: Core Differences -WC3 TFT- -12 Players - 255x255 Map dimensions -Object Names -Ability Model/icon -No Hero Skins...
  5. FranzLiszt

    A precise guide about alternate animations

    Hi, I've searched on this forum (and somewhere on the net) about this, and I just find a lot of different information, not a complete guide. But everything I tried still doesn't work. So what can I read, precisely, about that? if I have a unit like this? MammothRider if there's a tremendously...
  6. LittleBoy

    [Trigger] Set Ability Field nothing happened

    Hello everyone, sorry in advance if my english is not good, because I can not speak english (currently I use google translate). I am a new member here, I just want to ask, why when I change the ability field in the trigger editor nothing happens or am I wrong? what I make now is : Ability - Set...
  7. Malistroth

    Guide: Changing campaigns

    Intro: Here I will tell you how to make WC Reforged use your maps instead of the vanilla ones when you click the mission button in the menu of the game and how to keep the hero progress through multiple maps. Chapter I - Getting Ready. 1. The first step you need to do - is to enable the...
  8. pocketwookiee

    Sunken Ruins D1 Guide

    Sunken ruins, also know as D1 is the first dungeon you will encounter after completing both the tutorial dungeon as well as the warden quest. This can be quite a big step up from the tutorial dungeon both in length and difficulty. Sunken ruins is obviously themed around a sunken ruins, in this...
  9. Funnybanny

    [Healer] solo farm build

    Hello fellow healer! Lets just start with, this is not the best way to farm. Get these items to make farming with your healer much better. (If you do not upgrade items it will be decent farming, but with full tier 2, its real nice) Core Items: The only items actually dealing damage to enemies...
  10. gchibeni

    Map Creation Kit

    Introduction: Hello. Im here to drop this super duper map creation kit that I made, which contains tools to create full HD up to 4K LOADING SCREENS and MAP ICONS, tools to PROTECT your maps from filthy thieves, and even maps with TRIGGERS that can be easily copied and pasted to your maps ...
  11. Kazeon

    UI Utils Manual

    Introduction UI Utils is a library written in vJass which aims to assist user in using the new UI natives introduced since patch 1.31. Without this library, user is required to learn and understand a lot things before being able to actually deal with '"the interface" itself, things like toc &...
  12. Gooeypillows

    A Complete Guide For Late Game Items (and Where to Get Them) v1.0

    I decided to share what I am using as I couldn't find what I wanted easily. Please forgive me if I am missing something in chapter 1, as I decided to post this here after I did chapter 1 and was deleting things as I went. Feel free to mention it if it's missing. Huge shout out to Pourquoi for...
  13. Grimhollow

    Simple Resources Wishlist (Updated)

    Simple Resource Wishlist (Updated) Here is a list of uncreated or non-existing simple but useful models and skins that will also be for mappers and models feel glad of. This thread might serve as miniguides of those who want to create models. Cheers! BANDIT SIEGE WEAPONS
  14. hypsandar

    [Spell] Any pre-made loading screens that i can import? Or a way to make em?

    The guide seems to be outdated.. Creating a Custom Loading Screen The website for the program needed for this is broken. So err, does anyone know a secret database of sort that contains loading screens and needed files to import them.... Hence, Google doesn't know.
  15. NikAlien

    [Defense / Survival] Need some guide/advice for creating survival map

    I'm making my first survival map. I played a bunch of that kind of maps, but i do need some advice/guides for a survival map. What should i focus on, what are the most important things for a survival map. Some good mechanics advice, etc.
  16. Starquizer

    Casting Events Guide

    SPELL CASTING EVENTS GUIDE Well, many mappers and spell makers keep asking the same question with different variations: "What is the difference between Begins Channeling/Casting and Starts the effect of an ability and which one should I use ?" Here is the answer: As you can see, this...
  17. RazorHedgeFan

    Opening/Closing Gates

    Opening/Closing Gates -By RazorHedgeFan Description: In this tutorial, I will show you how to open and close gates in the editor using 3 different methods. Gates are means of entrances and exits which can open or close. In Warcraft III, gates are classified as destructibles, which means...
  18. Mcasdf

    How to improve your Tower Defense

    topHow to improve your Tower Defense 1. Towers 2. Builders 3. Terrain 4. Creeps and spawn 5. Tower defense types 6. Life/point system 7. Abilities 8. Text 9. Balance/difficulty 10. Tips/final words towers1. TowersGo to Top The biggest difference between a good...
  19. killerweb

    Problem with timer in Ralle's Tower Defense Guide

    Hello I have a problem with the timer in Ralle's TD Guide. When i use this trigger the timer wont show. Then i tried this: And it didn't work either :angry: Hopes somone can help me