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Sunken Ruins D1 Guide

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Level 2
Jul 2, 2020
Sunken ruins, also know as D1 is the first dungeon you will encounter after completing both the tutorial dungeon as well as the warden quest. This can be quite a big step up from the tutorial dungeon both in length and difficulty.

Sunken ruins is obviously themed around a sunken ruins, in this dungeon you will encounter murlocs, water elementals, hydras, turtles and Jugras

There is a total of 20 waves including the boss. These will have varied and different setup of units (varies on the amount of people, some waves do have spawn specific units however).

Note:Tanks, Every purple ability can be countered, this comes from a few swords (including starter sword, so keep it) and try your best to interrupt abilities!

Tiny murloc

Image missing (tiny white murlocs)

Has very low hp, deals low amount of damage.
Ability:no special ability.

Strategy: with low hp very easy kill for any dps, even tank.

Orange Murloc

Low Hp, Deals high damage,
Ability: Cleaves in a small area.

Strategy: kite them, do not let them hit you as they can deal quite significant damage.

Purple Murloc


Low hp, Deals Medium-very high damage.

Ability: Will stop and hit a unit with chain lighting, damage increases each target hit

Strategy:Spread out and use your invulnerability before the cast about 0.5 seconds after animation started.

Water elementals

High hp, Medium damage,
Ability:Deals damage to all unit in a large area.

Strategy 1:When more than one elemental spawn (different spawn location) you can out range their Area of attack, tank is preferable to do this as they will require little to no heal, while dps and heal focus the elementals down (check paint guide for image reference linked at the bottom)

Strategy 2: If you have high enough damage and heal, nuke them


High Hp, high damage

Ability:after an attack has landed 3 water clouds will split off from where the attack landed and create clouds deals low but rapid damage.

Strategy: Run around the outer perimeter, while slowly moving in one direction to minimize the amount of clouds spawning.


Very High hp, High damage.

Attack is a projectile that can be dodged.
Abilities(all of these can be countered with a counter ability(tanks starter sword))

Bombardment: Deals very high amounts of damage the closer to the center you are
Turtle stomp: Will stomp and deal damage to all unit close to the turtle, as well as knocking them back.
Fireball: Will shoot a ball of fire to all units deal high amounts of damage and stun the unit.

Strategy:The person who has the aggro runs in circles or large enough pathing to not get hit by normal attack as all these can be avoided. Run out of bombardment and turtle stomp, use invulnerability on fireball


Very high hp, High damage.

Reinforcements(can be counter):Spawns a white murlocs for the duration

Whirlwind: Will stop doing any animation and hit all units in a large range

Lighting trap:Will target a player, after a few seconds will drop 3 circling balls dealing moderate damage but rapidly.

Energize:Spawns 4 totems, 2 north 2 south if not killed will stun everyone in the room.

Bubblestream: Will shoots a bunch of water beams randomly around jugras

Strategy: Tank either kite or face tank(feel your healer(s).Tanks counter *reinforcement* immediately Do not stand in lighting trap or close to a player with it., run out of bubblestream.
When jugras announces whirlwind melee run away and range take a tiny step back to avoid damage
Energize 1 ranged dps go north and another south to deal with the totem.

First Room(wave 1-5)
Enemies: Tiny Murloc, Orange murloc and Purple murloc
Notable waves

Second Room(wave 6-10)
Enemies: Tiny Murloc, Orange murloc, Purple Murloc, Water elementals, Hydra
Notable waves
waves 10 spawns a hydra

Third Room(wave 11-15)
Enemies:Tiny Murloc, Orange murloc, Purple Murloc, Water elementals, Hydra, Turtle
Notable waves
wave 11: Massive amounts of murlocs be carefull
wave 12: 4 water elementals
wave 13-14:Turtle
wave 15:2 Hydras

Fourth Room(wave 16-20)
Enemies:Tiny Murloc, Orange murloc, Purple Murloc, Water elementals, Hydra, Turtle, Jugras
Notable waves
Wave 19: Turtle
wave 20: boss

Paint guide for bad visual

Thanks and if there is more info you want added please don't hesitate to ask.
Level 22
Nov 4, 2010
Oh, wasn't aware of that.

It looked like one of those threads in Map Development... The screenshots of World Editor grided terrain didn't help matters, either. Still, the author could've linked it in this post though. In fact, I came here through a link someone sent me.

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