Tanking 101.

Level 3
Nov 28, 2010

Aw yes, the life of a tank. :peasant-i-object:

The shield of the group, the punching bag and target for every annoying creature, the alpha and omega of all classes.
As a tank it's your responsability the protect the group, you'll be taunting waves and waves of enemies, you'll be [countering] purple skills being thrown at your group and without you big Spooda would melt everyone.
Different from all the other classes (And healer for that matter) you don't really do a lot of damage whoever with certain items you *could* poke enemies a little bit.​

What you want:

When it comes to tanking there are certain items you will always keep with you.
Swords that have the skill [counter] are mandatory due to how counter works and is needed.
Obviously you don't need to keep multiple [counter] swords, look at the one that offer the best stats.
You can [counter] any enemy ability to completely deny it, abilities that can be countered are extremely dangerous to the group and could potentially wipe your party.
Any ability with a purple text can be countered.​


You will ALWAYS want to counter;
  • Fireblast
  • Leech
But I'll not go into details what creatures uses those skills and where they are located, that's already too much information and it will take away the surprise.
On the outer areas you really don't need counter, whoever, as a tank you HAVE to have counter for certain enemies when you're in dungeons. (They come after wave 10, no matter what dungeon you're running)
Another skill that is mandatory for tanks is obviously [Taunt] :goblin_jawdrop:

"1000 range and AOE TAUNT?!?!? YES!" - Level 1 Apprentice tanking for the 1st time.

Oh yeah, that baby is the bread and butter of threat generation.
You click on that badboy and everything around you will aggro on you and you can watch all your fellow DPS rip and shred while you sit there and contemplate how badass you are for taking all those hits for them.
Everything you use and do generates threat, whoever, you gain A LOT of threat when using [Taunt] so naturally you want that ability.
You can find that nifty piece of armor at the Warden shop near the boat at Ekarora for mere 50g. It's a deal!​

The items you want to solo content and off-tank.

"But sir, I'm a tank and I also want to do damage! WAAH!" - Level 1 Apprentice Tank that doesn't understand his role.

Well my young padawan, surprisingly tanks can do some sort of damage but it will NEVER be as good as a DPS class. *Stares at mages*
As a tank, once you hit a certain amount of DR (Damage reduction) you should probably start focusing on damage to help your group.
Three items are absolutely needed to do good damage.

Untitled.png Untitled.png

Both items above give extremely good AOE dps.
The higher your dps the more aggro you have, therefore creatures are most likely to keep hitting you.
(DR should still be a priority)
Notice how Tideshatterer does NOT have the [counter] skill.
Make sure you have a counter sword in your bag for whenever you need.

With that combo you're more than fit to solo the outer world (that means no dungeons!) and ready to farm some tokens.
As previously stated, you'll never do as much DPS as a DPS class but well, that's not your task and you already knew your role before you signed for the job.​

Behold, the king of all swords.

"WoooooooW" - Level 1 Apprentice Tank that wants to desperately DPS.

Galo'r is a legendary drop and it's an absolute beast when it comes to being effective vs bosses.
Whoever, it is again VERY situational.
  • It is a two handed tanking sword.
  • It has [counter] AND [pulverize], both skills are extremely useful versus bosses. (And for wave 10 creatures for that matter)
  • High DR and decent AD.
  • You look really cool wielding one.
Galo'r performs really well but only against bosses (and elites!) thought, your focus should be draining mana from the boss as much as you can while also countering the purple skills it throws at you.
Don't forget to position yourself properly so your group don't get cleaved down. *Brutalize*

When comparing Tide+Triton and Galo'r the sword and shield combo has a much better performance.
Cleave and Shield slam have really low cooldown and AOE damage.
So obviously, sword+shield for AOE control and damage, Galo'r for boss or single targets that need to constantly be countered.​

Tips and tricks:
  • ALWAYS move around, never stand still or you will take unnecessary damage, making the life of your healer miserable and much harder than what already is.
  • Let your group know when your counter is on Cooldown so they can react accordingly to whatever is thrown at them.
  • Don't forget to use your potions!
    "Oh wooow, I can now do even more DPS!" - Level 2 Tank that still hasn't learned his role.
  • Healing potions WILL save your life and make things a lot easier for your healer.
  • And overall, be aware of everything around you.

Tanking is fun, maybe you're in the mood to let your group die and you just don't want to taunt and save them.
As a tank everything is in your hands, we tanks are hard to come by but whenever there's one around everybody gets happy. (Not as happy as when there's a healer around)
Remember to protect your group, counter the appropriate skills thrown at you and everything will be fine.

Don't forget to join our discord and I'll see you around!​

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