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gui spells

  1. BigMacNCheese

    [Spell] Flash Attack skill help

    Hello Good morning/afternoon/evening, I would like to know how to make "Flash attack" skill. It's base ability is anything that is no target such as wind walk. the skill is it picks and moves to the target unit location that has the lowest hp within 600 AoE. Now if there's only 1 unit it moves...
  2. BigMacNCheese

    [Spell] Stampede but uses triggers & dummies

    Hello, good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. I would like to know how to create a "Stampede but using with triggers & dummies". Damage is also in trigger so as its AoE. Last within 15 seconds would be enough. Hope you guys could help me with it
  3. BigMacNCheese

    [Spell] Form Switch(metamorphosis) - Help

    Hello guys, Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening i would like to know how to make the hero do the metamorphosis like this. Normally, user is melee and can cast the 1st & 2nd skill normally. But if the user cast the 3rd skill(User gets a buff) then cast either the 1st or 2nd skill, it'll cancel the...
  4. TimeMaster

    Custom Spell Not Working

    Hi people, I've been learning how to make spells on my own for sometime now and then realised the Hive has loads of tutorials. Sadly, I can't seem to figure out what's going wrong in my triggers. It is a hero ability, copied off the Firebolt (Warlock). What is it meant to do: Shoot firebolt...
  5. BigMacNCheese

    [Spell] Fire Launcher

    Hello sorry for bothering again, i would like to know how to create fire launcher where it was similar to phoenix from dota but the difference is it launches all the flames at once in the targeted point, it was like this. hope you guys could help me. thanks in advance.
  6. BigMacNCheese

    [Solved] Cord Skill Help

    Hello guys, Sorry for bothering again can i ask how to make a cord skill where it creates a dummy in the center then picks every units that has been in the targeted area only once; if one the units moved outside more than 500 of the position of the dummy all of the units would be gathered at the...
  7. BigMacNCheese

    [Spell] Triangle Dash Skill Help

    Hello sorry for bothering again, i would like to ask for help on how to make a triangle dash skill with no target point in GUI.? It was like this in this picture. Thanks in advance
  8. BigMacNCheese

    [Solved] Horizontal wall skill help

    Hello everyone, i would like to know how to create a wall just like from earthshaker's fissure but the difference is it was horizontal and can creates the wall from where you point to target with. it was like this from this image. Thanks in advance.
  9. TheSilverhand

    [Trigger] Cluster Rockets

    I have been trying to modify Cluster Rockets to deal more damage based on Agility times a number + 9. But so far I have lost my mind. Trigger: A Unit Starts the Effect of an Ability Condition: (Ability being Cast) Equal to Glaive Barrage Then: VariableSet HealingWave (Integer) = ((Agility of...
  10. chunchunmaru

    [Spell] Please help with GUI Spell Trigger [MUI]

    Hello, I've been working on a spell in my map, an item spell to be specific. I've been having troubles with the MUI System. This is how should my item spell work: 1. When a Hero attacks an enemy (either another Hero or just a unit) with 'this' item, he gains bonus attack speed (I created a...
  11. R.21

    [Trigger] Need help with a spell based on illusions ! (SOLVED)

    Hello everyone. If I understand correctly, this is the place to make a post when you need help to fix a trigger that has already been started and is almost functional. I need help to fix some problems with a trigger for a spell. Overall I'm working on a MOBA map and one of the heroes is...
  12. jayjayduque

    Help for random sounds played when using spells.

    Hello, I wanted to create a spell that makes random sound quotes when it's being cast, but I don't know how to setup the trigger or the variables. I know a little about building triggers but when it comes to the variables, I'm kind of a newb.
  13. Phyrus

    [Trigger] Switch between "Level 1" hero abilities and "Level 2" hero abilities

    Hello, I have a huge problem with my selfmade hero "Wishmaster". He has three hero abilities that at the beginning at "Level 1" (you can level up this spells as normal hero abilities, they are "red book 1", "blue book 1" and "green book 1") Now I want with his ultimate ability "Arcane Wisdom"...
  14. Nastyan

    Need help on creating units and making them spread in a "cone"

    Hi, I need help on how can I make units spread in a cone. \ | / -projectiles ..o. - caster Thanks .
  15. NelsonLaJe

    Spell GUI Trigger Jump Healing

    Hello Hive, I would like a spell that jumps to other targets It would work like that You use it cures a target in Let's assume 75HP (Instant) and would heal more 100 for a few seconds like 2 or 3sec (HoT) and thereafter would jump to the closest allied target Repeats the process and would jump...
  16. Tdlk

    Make earthquake debuff not affect allies

    Hi, I'm having a little trouble making a spell. Right now I have a spell that makes a dummy cast earthquake on the position of the caster, and I'm trying to figure out how to best go about making earthquake not affect allies. As of right now my trigger removes the debuff earthquake from the...
  17. Wardota2 Gamer

    [Altered Melee] Custom Heroes with Regular Warcraft Spells!

    Wardota2 Gamer presenting.... I am working on a Warcraft III Altered Melee Map with Custom Heroes now as you might probably know lot's of people now use GUI Spells and others! Well now as you might see in the Title "Regular Warcraft Spells!" This means that the Custom Heroes Spell is a normal...