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Spell GUI Trigger Jump Healing

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Level 12
Jun 2, 2012
Hello Hive, I would like a spell that jumps to other targets
It would work like that

You use it cures a target in Let's assume 75HP (Instant) and would heal more 100 for a few seconds like 2 or 3sec (HoT) and thereafter would jump to the closest allied target
Repeats the process and would jump to the last target (total 2 jumps)

OBS: The next target cannot be with life at 100%
He needs to be injured

OBS 2: The maximum distance for the jump is 350

I do not know if it is possible to do ''Jump Skills'' by GUI but I know it is complicated
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Level 24
Feb 9, 2009
Sounds like fun, I'll take a whack at it later tonight!

The difficulty lies with storing values, instant effects are easy, but delaying effects are a little tricky.
I'll still gladly make your spell but just check out this tutorial and play around with the test map, it has a heal over time ability thats really simple.

Wah, this is more difficult than I thought using hashtables...

Okay certain drink choices were a mistake, I'ma take a little longer on this one!
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