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  1. Mean Streets of Kezan

    Mean Streets of Kezan

    Act II: Heralds of the Abyss is coming.
  2. Warhost Heroes

    Warhost Heroes

    - Warchief - Slavemaster (Summons: Enslaved dead) - Jujumancer (Morphs into: Avatar of the Loa) - Ogre Magi (Morphs into: Twilight form) - Trade Prince (Summons: Pocket Factory - Clockwork Goblin / Morphs into: Mecha Prince)
  3. Goblin Worker

    Goblin Worker

    Custom model I made back then for my mod, A Tinker's Tale. While textured, it is left in a state of lacking animations.
  4. Cheshire

    [Solved] Goblin landmines - target self, but get exp

    hey there, I'm making a spell where i'd like to have the hero set goblin landmines that the triggering player can't see, and that will target and harm his units, but when they kill enemy units he should still get the experience. any way to do that?
  5. d333s


  6. 06. Bilgewater Cartel - 1

    06. Bilgewater Cartel - 1

  7. 06. Bilgewater Cartel - 2

    06. Bilgewater Cartel - 2

  8. 06. Bilgewater Cartel - 3

    06. Bilgewater Cartel - 3

  9. 06. Bilgewater Cartel - 4

    06. Bilgewater Cartel - 4

  10. 06. Bilgewater Cartel - 5

    06. Bilgewater Cartel - 5

  11. HARODO

    Treasure Goblin

    I been looking around for a couple hours and i don't seem to find this model. I wanted to have a treasure goblin (Diablo) walking around in my map i had everything ready but i still need a model (bruh). If someone knows where to find one or make one, it would be REALLY helpfull, thanks in advance.
  12. tommyZZM

    Finding a goblin theme desert terrain hero arena map

    two teams against each other on a desert terrain map like this maybe. each player control single hero like (goblin self-explosion rocket; goblin tanks; etc.) i have play this map long time ago, and i just forgot its detail information include its NAME . anybody know this map? and what's its name?
  13. groximus

    Goblin Scavengers v1.0 [King of the Hill]

    Goblin Scavengers V1.0.1 Introduction Goblin Scavengers is a 10 player king of the hill game. players are randomly spawn in different corners of a large map and must make their way to the center to avoid the expanding ziggurats that start at the border of the map and progressively get closer...
  14. Kyrbi0

    [L2] - "Goblin Warz" - Mektology Industries

    DESCRIPTION: The Mektology Industries!! A rugged association of mechanics and engineers, committed to a world of steam and steel! Mechs, mechs and more mechs, with auto-constructing buildings and a propensity to repair. Led by Warmechs in their polished mech-suits, the Industries deploys a...
  15. Kyrbi0

    [L2] - "Goblin Warz" - Alchemist's Union

    DESCRIPTION: The Alchemist's Union!! A research-oriented guild of Goblin scientists and researchers, dedicated to the pursuit of 'Better Living through Chemistry' & knowledge at all costs! Toxic chemical spills and mad-genius-style warfare is the name of the game, with a focus on (al)chemical...
  16. Memento

    Looking for Skarsnik model

    Hello Guys, I have one special request or better to say, desire. Im looking for Skarsnik model with his pet Gobbla, as per screanshot from Total war. Im willing to pay to artist who will make this 2 models for me. Model will than be shared for free on model section. I will not claim any rights...