1. Ian The Red

    [SD/Modeling] A more classic looking Kul'tiras footman?

    I really enjoy Asssssvi's take on the Kul'tiran footman but their style deviates a bit too much from classic warcraft for me to use the model, was wondering if anyone wanted to take a crack at making something similar in a more classic style? The model in question:
  2. Footman


  3. nanis

    Zaffar's Footman don't work

    version of game : v. - Footman - Hi, I hope someone can help me because the mod is not working and I don't know why. - It is a map created from World Editor with no modification except importing the model and the skin of the Footman.
  4. Footman variation

    Footman variation

    I remember a long time ago I saw a discussion somewhere about the soldier's shoulder pads. I wanted to give it a try with a few more modifications
  5. Shield Maiden (WIP).png

    Shield Maiden (WIP).png

    Just doing the female footman, but fixing all the animations to top it all off.
  6. Superfrycook

    [HD/Modeling] Female version of Reforged Footman or Captain

    Hello guys, I like to request a Reforged female version of the Human Footman or Captain. Thank you.
  7. Knight of Arsford

    [Role Playing Game] LF: A young-looking warrior

    I've been browsing around the resources section, and I haven't seen a "young" looking warrior. Most of the models look like they're veterans, or way past their prime, which isn't bad at all. I just want a young-looking warrior who looks like he's freshly-recruited and haven't tasted his first...
  8. Less Armored Footman

    Less Armored Footman

    I never thought that the Footman's model will look fine without most of its Armor.
  9. Scale Nightmare

    Scale Nightmare

    Have a peanut butter shrooms sandwich while taking a closer look at the regular scale of everything in WC3 or just take a deep breath.
  10. Reasonably sized pauldrons

    Reasonably sized pauldrons

    what it could look like
  11. Footman Kul_Tiras WIP

    Footman Kul_Tiras WIP

  12. Footman_NEW


  13. NickGreefpool

    [Footmen Wars / Frenzy] My take on Footman Frenzy

    I wanted some feedback on this map before final release. You can choose between races and each race has a Hero. I'm specially interested in feedback on: -Gameplay -Heroes Balance -Gold costs The descriptions are in spanish, sorry for that, i'm working on the english version.
  14. I-Ate-The-Moon


    I am I-Ate-The-Moon, one of the best at Footman wars! Really tho call me Aaron. I destroy with the Human or Night Elf race, and prefer the Blood Mage or Warden as my hero! I don't have Starcraft so I don't have that much information to offer about that. My account name is also...
  15. dragon_kid

    Murloc Rush!!!

    Murloc Rush Creator: dragon_kid Current Stage: Construction Murloc Rush is an entirely new take on Footman Frenzy maps, deviating from the usual 'mass units until you buy the farm' mode and focusing on towering and stratagy with other units, including tactics like amphibious attackers able...