Footman Kul_Tiras WIP

Footman Kul_Tiras WIP

Not sure how practical that shield is with a heavy anchor that unbalances the shock gained and wielding process for defense.
@deepstrasz here is see how many good from such a shield, and you all complaining about practicality. )
If seriously the I adhered to design footman Kul-Tiras from WoW.
I'm sure a lot of people will like it.
Someone is preparing for the Reforged, I see. :p
I really like the direction you're going with this one. The colors are nice, they look almost as they are custom drawn because of the way you wrapped the model. Though if you're going for a more detailed model then I highly suggest you change the proportions of the arms. Make them more muscular. Same goes with the gauntlets, it would be nice if you can make them detailed too. I like the shield, keep it, the wc3 isn't a game about 'practical' going on.

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