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  1. Admiral's Tomb

    Admiral's Tomb

  2. Seyahnayr

    [Altered Melee] Custom Race: Admiralty of Kul Tiras

    -Custom Race: Admiralty of Kul Tiras- I need help beta testing this map as well as help developing a forth hero based on Asssssvi's HQ Captain Morgan model. I've spent the last two weeks trying come up with abilities that, match its theme and synergize with the other heroes, but don't overlap...
  3. Army of Kul'Tiras

    Army of Kul'Tiras

    Model Credits goes to Asssssvi
  4. johnwar

    [Campaign] The New Kul'Tiras

    The New Kul'Tiras This Campaign is a mixed story of the Original Warcraft III story and my own story Join Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore and his allies to defeat this new enemy. Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore received a message from his Captain that a new enemy showed up, then this new enemy...
  5. Frederik

    New Alternate Models, how to use em?

    I'm really interested in using the new Kul'Tiras Jaina & Female Death Knight for my hero map, but i can't seem to get the object editor to select the skins (it's not available in the Art - Model File menu). And was hoping someone in this forum could help me. It's possible to get it through the...
  6. Frederik

    What happened to female v. in WC3 Editor

    Anyone know why the female version of death knight, demon hunter and special model files (Kul'Tiras Jaina) is not in the editor? :( First time using these forums btw, hoping it's the right place for this.
  7. Footman Kul_Tiras WIP

    Footman Kul_Tiras WIP

  8. 09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 1

    09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 1

  9. 09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 2

    09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 2

  10. 09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 3

    09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 3

  11. 09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 4

    09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 4

  12. 09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 5

    09. Admiralty of Kul'Tiras - 5