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  1. Izzetin

    [Solved] Dash Ability Request Jass

    Hello :) I want to request an Ability that has a wide range of posts and threads and i looked them all up but nothing fitted this specific spell or it had flaws that are not compliable with my Map. Ability: i basicly just need a simple Dash Ability that has some specific features that i...
  2. berkoax

    3D Dinosaur Map (no name yet)

    Hello, i'm working on a 3D dinosaur map. Our main goal in the game is to survive and find a way to escape from the island we are on. There will be some ai groups on the map and we will have relationships and interactions within and outside the group Apart from this, players can also form...
  3. HerlySQR

    [Escape / Maze] The escape of draenei

    Hello everyone, At first I wish you could put several prefixes, because my map is that one team has to escape (Draenei) while the other has to prevent them from escaping (Demons). Information: -There are in total 23 Heros (11 Draenei - 12 Demons / 7 Strength - 7 Agility - 9 Inteligence)...
  4. iown_azz

    Maze Triggers - Death Region

    Are you making a maze and you know not much of coding or just lazy to add each region in GUI? Well today I bring to you a little project I am working on. A website of LUA Triggers for mazes, maybe other things as well. It is a website because now anyone can use it instead of making it in a...
  5. InSaNe_97

    [Miscellanous / Other] Easy ideas for puzzle map.

    Greetings. I am making n puzzle map in WarCraft III style, meaning there will be Undead, a bit of magic etc... The player controls one unit and it's captured in the dungeon, just one room, the goal is to escape by playing in that room, the room is somewhat big, and contains enough space for much...
  6. D

    [Escape / Maze] Platform Escape EZPZ

    Update: Your boy jondrean had the map in Downloads folder and reinstalled WC3 as the patch didn't work on EU servers. Development has been delayed by 3254 years. Thanks for your patience! The idea is based on Platform Escape by gameslayer001. The name "Platform Escape EZPZ" is a parody of there...
  7. SomewhereAcrossNowhere05


    From my map: Somewhere Across Nowhere
  8. SomewhereAcrossNowhere04


    From my map: Somewhere Across Nowhere
  9. SomewhereAcrossNowhere03


    From my map: Somewhere Across Nowhere
  10. SomewhereAcrossNowhere02


    From my map: Somewhere Across Nowhere
  11. SomewhereAcrossNowhere01


    From my map: Somewhere Across Nowhere
  12. gusanomental

    Kobold Escape! v1.35