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  1. NME Ironarrow

    [Spell] Making an Efficient Projectile

    Hello everyone! My problem is a little complicated but hear me out please! I'm currently working on my map which I have there some custom abilities which shoots projectiles, these projectiles suppose to detect if there are enemies near them and trigger something. Since the max speed in wc3 is...
  2. Veronnis

    [Solved] (Player group((Player(TriggeringPlayer)))) Solved: It leaks

    Inventory Slot Tooltip Events Conditions Actions For each (Integer GenericLoopCount) from 1 to MaxAllSlotTypes, do (Actions) Loop - Actions Set SlotOfPlayer = ((TriggeringPlayer x MaxAllSlotTypes) + GenericLoopCount) Set...
  3. blancostarz

    [vJASS] Combo system level based. Need help with efficiency

    Hi guys, I'm messing around with a combo system to learn JASS. Yeah, I know, I'm late to the party haha. So, I currently have a script that makes a combo with Q and W skills. More skills will be added as finishers and things like that but basically when you use Q or W, you get the next skills in...