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  1. Retera

    Should There Be An Expanded Universal Backup?

    What if someone built like a giant backup similar to the wayback machine but for Hive models and textures and assets and stuff? This could take the form of a giant ark to save the collective custom resources available on Hive, so that even if social media manipulates the minds of the userbase to...
  2. Luashine

    How to use Blizzget to download official game files (for example v1.32.10)

    Since 1.33 is really a mess that continues to be a headache (especially the WorldEditor), here's a guide how to get the official files for previous releases. I assume you have already bought the game or own a license. Of course, you must understand that a "multi-dollar company" Blizzard cannot...
  3. InsaneMonster


    RELEASED CAMPAIGNS Warcaft 3 Re-Reforged: Exodus of the Horde Warcaft 3 Re-Reforged: The Scourge of Lordaeron
  4. loktar

    WC3 Download Archive (1.00 - 1.31.1 + BETA & DEMO)

    Below are lists of WC3 installation and patch downloads. Please don't share any cracked or otherwise manipulated files. This list is only intended for people who already own the game, you still need a CD-key! 1.01c 1.04c 1.10 TFT: 1.20a; 1.20e 1.23a 1.28.0; 1.28.1; 1.28.2; 1.28.3; 1.28.4...
  5. BrothForMyPeople

    Project Revolution models

    Hello. I was going to do this in 2019 but I started my work only about two months ago. I managed to retrieve Project Revolution's best models and I've catalogized them with their proper texture files. It contains all three Starcraft races units and buildings roster. Terran is almost completed...
  6. DaneTheBeast

    What are these weird folders that keep popping up in "Downloads"

    They seem to contain melee maps but it's a pain to scroll past all of them to get to actual custom downloaded maps.
  7. Artlos Smith

    Warcraft III Game

    Can anyone let me know where I can download Warcraft III version 1.27 or up for free? My game just error and I don't have my CD anymore (It's lost) Please anyone help me!
  8. BrazilEmperor

    A Little and Simple Favor

    Someone can please download the named video "Chasing the Dawn Part Two Trailer" from this channel: Micha Haas and send me from this endress [email protected] because this video is restricted to my country (Brazil).
  9. Thrallception

    Why do my download files (when i try to download a custom campaign) turn into sound files? Help!

    I'm new to this downloading custom maps thing and only recently wanted to try a custom campaign that i found interesting but i can't get it to work. So as in the Title i have a problem with downloading custom campaigns as they are apparently downloaded as sound files and i just can't figure out...
  10. pyf

    Download YouTube Videos as MP4 is gone?!

    Anybody knows why ialc removed Download YouTube Videos as MP4 from AMO? (backup from archive.org)
  11. Negan

    Dreadlord Lich King

    So im making a perfectly made mini game map that is way better than many crappy maps around. Any of you guys planning to make a dreadlord wearing helm of domination with undead skully and calcium armor? Im really making a game where story is Bolvar was destroyed and it is claimed by varimathras...
  12. Furry Nova

    Newest "The Chosen Ones" Campaign Version Available?

    I've decided to play this awesome campaign again after getting stuck on the Obelisk boss on Chapter 9. I've looked around and read that there's newer versions available. This post Campaign Download Link links me to the main v1.0 when it says v1.9. This post The Chosen Ones 1.9i has expired...
  13. Mordor Catapult

    Mordor Catapult

  14. pyf

    Download StarCraft Anthology for free

    https://us.battle.net/shop/en/product/starcraft https://eu.battle.net/account/download?show=classic Quoting Blizzard and MajorGeeks.com: "StarCraft is a military science fiction media franchise set in the beginning of the 26th century, centering on a galactic struggle for dominance between...
  15. Mordor Orc Slayer

    Mordor Orc Slayer

  16. Mordor Orc Crossbowman

    Mordor Orc Crossbowman

  17. Faramir


  18. Dol Amroth Knight

    Dol Amroth Knight

  19. Dunedain Ranger

    Dunedain Ranger

  20. Gondor Bannerman

    Gondor Bannerman

  21. hypsandar

    How to stop Warcraft from re-downloading default melee maps?

    I moved the default melee maps to another folder and categorized them but Warcraft re-downloads the maps right into the 'maps' folder, as well as maps>frozenthrone. Is there a way to stop it from re-installing the maps? I want to keep my maps categorized & not keep all of the default melee...
  22. A Void

    Goodbye, Battle.net! Hello... Blizzard

    Officially releasing with the original Diablo, Battle.net has been the staple service of Blizzard's catalogue of classic games since the late 90's - but its days are now numbered with Blizzard set to move on from the name in the new future. While its clear to have already happened with the...