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  1. HerrDave

    What is this error?

    Howdy folks, Davey-boy here with a question about the World Editor As of a patch or two ago, I've been seeing this when I open my map: What is causing this? A loooong time ago I had to do something to the game (Can't recall exactly what, but it included the MiscData.txt file) to allow for...
  2. R_Reaper

    Basic (existing) abilities and spell modding (data fields) in MPQ

    Hi all! I run some turns in the staff contact where to put this thread: hopefully this is the proper place. I wish to get help how to edit and modify basic (existing by base) abilities and spells in MPQ. Means: game MPQ -> NOT the map MPQ! In a more concrete way: which data fields used by...
  3. guardian90

    How to recovery war3map.w3u after lost it?

    Hi guys, I made a custom map in world editor. I try to protect my map by removing war3map.w3u follow the guide. I do copy a map before remove war3map.w3u and store it long long time ago. Now I can not find my original map anymore, maybe I lost it when I fix my PC or something happens. I just...
  4. Cheshire

    [Import] update custom map to new patch

    hey, I started creating a map on WE 1.20, and recently updated to patch 1.31.1. my problem is that all the standard data is in the version of the old patch, and so in essence my map is a very outdated 1.20 map. Is there a way to export>import only my custom data, but have all the standard...
  5. BrothForMyPeople

    Magos Model Editor; SplashData.txt

    When I try to run the Model Editor it's showing an error saying 'Unable to open "C:\Users\Desktop\War3ModelEditor\Data\SplatData.txt" ' This file is there obviously. Formerly the error said about d3dx9_35.dll file, but I have upgraded directx 9.0 and that new error now troubles me. EDIT. Sorry...
  6. Nazgrel

    [General] Game Set Data

    Alright, so I am well aware that there's already an old thread that was solved several years ago but it still felt unclear to me, especially since it didn't take into account the up and coming reforged. So here it is: I'm currently making a map with which I intend to use every single unit in...
  7. Pr0nogo

    [General] Object editor questions

    These questions all relate to the latest patch. Some of these may fall under jass/triggers, and some may be impossible with the current tools. I'm looking for the simplest, most performant methods of achieving the following: Round 1: 11-4-19 Income multiplier for AI players -- solved! I want...
  8. Woodenplank

    Desyncs on map load

    Hi I recently released my new map - which I've been working on several months. But when I try playing the map with other people online, roughly half of them desync as soon as the game starts. Before nay triggering is run; they're just gone. Roughly 50% of players in a lobby. I tried deleting...
  9. SoooK

    Tooltip - Data reference only returns "0"

    I created a custom technology "R001:Rhme". Its sub data "mod2" has a value of "45" (Real, health increase per tech level). I want to display this value in a tooltip from a custom ability. I already tried to display reference data from another custom unit in this abiity, which appears to be...
  10. deepstrasz

    [Import] 1.29.2 object editor data on newer patches

    Hey, is there a way to have all my object editor data kept by the manner of exporting and importing it? Say, I'll not use Latest (Melee Patch) but Custom TfT 1.07 (the stable/standard version?) but first export all object data of 1.29.2 and then import it over the 1.07 version (once the map is...
  11. VicALV

    [Spell] Saving a hero unit with his spells efficiently

    Hi hive!. I created this thread because need help to create a system to save hero unit with his spells. I want to access to data like this => Hero[0] = Arthas Hero[0]_spells[0] = Heal Hero[0]_spells[1] = Armor Hero[0]_spells[2] = DamageX2 Hero[1] = Madthas Hero[1]_spells[0] = Damage...
  12. Abelhawk

    Anyone know how to recover a corrupted Word file?

    I've kept a dream journal on my computer for more than six years, and this past month when I reset my computer I accidentally copied over my journal and "skipped" rather than replacing the old backup. This left me with a file without the past year's worth of dreams on it. I managed to recover...