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custom campaigns

  1. Evilhog

    So why aren't you working on a Starcraft 2 custom campaign, %username?

    In case these things need explanation: -4th option in the poll ("Blizzard's policy on user-made custom content sux (all your UMS belong to Bobby K.") - SC2 Editor EULA states, that all custom content created for SC2 with its official tools automatically belongs to Blizzard. They are free to use...
  2. Gatovalero

    "Friends Presence Support" in Custom Campaigns for 1.35

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anybody knew what this meant. I have been making a wide range of maps to play with my friend in a coop setting and mostly entail a "coop campaign" type of experience. I am interested in what this means since it is pretty much impossible to have actual coop...
  3. Teitan

    Can you guys please link me AI/singleplayer/custom campaigns compatible with the 1.21b patch?

    i recently got a new pc and reinstalled the game from my old cd, then updated to 1.21b because that's the version of the game we played the most with my brother during childhood, we wanted to try, among other maps, the 5.84 version of DotA. I will only play lan games of DotA with my bro, but i...
  4. bakuma

    (WIP) Warcraft 3 - RoC Expanded and Enhance

    WARCRAFT 3 RoCEX Devblog So you may know i'm working on the completely enhanced and expanded campaign know as Reign of Chaos Expanded and Enhance (or RoCEX for short). The plan is to use the inspiration from both Re-Reforged and The Chronicles of the Second War with retaining some of them...
  5. Vel (Tien-Yun) Wu

    Design ideas for Human Ch2: Blackrock and Roll

    I am unsure if this is still early enough for a chapter this close (without disclosing or guessing what the actual dev process is), but in my opinion this chapter always seemed too tutorial-ish. It was okay in vanilla since some players may have skipped the Prologue. But with this entire mod...
  6. AlanSpirand

    Trying to Find an Old Custom Campaign

    As the title suggests, there's a certain WC3 custom campaign that I played as a child about a decade ago and since then lost. I wanted to revisit it but couldn't find it anywhere on the internet (at least with my searches), even though one of my friends confirmed they had it at some point in the...
  7. Vibe

    Try to make custom campaigns in Reforged

    Hello everyone, I am a user of World Editor from China Forum. I have been researching custom campaigns for a while, and this is my latest result. Here are four examples of custom campaigns I added. Their tabs are behind the Rexxar campaign. In general, these contents are completed by...
  8. Superfrycook

    Custom Campaigns for Warcraft 3: Reforged

    I wish Reforged has custom campaigns, cause I am making my new custom campaigns in the future. And feel free to comment whatever you want about custom campaigns.
  9. a Mage & His Tower

    a Mage & His Tower

    the mages of Dalaran are ever ready to assist the Alliance against the barbaric Horde with their Arcane Power and magically enacted Towers on the field of battle.
  10. MasterW

    Good Warcraft III Custom Campaigns to play before Classic WoW (and TBC)

    Hello there. This is my first post so please be gentle lol. So I planned on playing WoW Classic but before doing it I decided to play through the entirety of ROC and TFT to catch up to where it ended before the game originally came out. And I did just that, but now I'd like to know if there's...
  11. Evilhog

    [Poll] Is having a separate client for Classic a bad idea?

    Hello, long-time lurker here. A few days ago I made a thread on official Reforged forums asking the developers to release the Classic version for free and keep it separate from Reforged - at least, until the latter gets all the necessary fixes: Two versions should exist separately The thread...
  12. Alure155

    HunCraft: Genocide

    HunCraft Genocide is perhaps the most detailed unofficial expansion ever created. It is an alternative timeline that takes place immediately after the events of Brood War. The creators of the game added a full campaign for each of the 3 races (And even a secret mission :)), modified the campaign...
  13. Thrallception

    Why do my download files (when i try to download a custom campaign) turn into sound files? Help!

    I'm new to this downloading custom maps thing and only recently wanted to try a custom campaign that i found interesting but i can't get it to work. So as in the Title i have a problem with downloading custom campaigns as they are apparently downloaded as sound files and i just can't figure out...
  14. Koryn2

    Custom Campaign Troubles

    Not sure if this is the right place, sorry. If not, could someone with power move it to where it needs to be? And hopefully that place will be active enough for me to get some help. The problem is that I can't find my custom campaigns I've downloaded. I'm playing on a MacBook Pro running...