custom ability

  1. GamesofFreak

    [Spell] Change Spell Hit Points Gained Value through Trigger

    I want to replicate the Racial Trait "Gift of the Naaru" from World of Warcraft in Warcraft 3. To gain the 20% of the Total Health Healing I want to change the Value "Data - Hit Points Gained" through Trigger. I know that the Value is an integer and if I try to change the Field with the "Set...
  2. Seyahnayr

    [Trigger] Trigger Causing Crash

    I need help figuring out what is causing the crash. I've posted the triggers and a link to the map. Custom Race: Order of the Eternal Flame Phoenix - Burning Plumage (Active) The Phoenix molts, leaving a burning trail behind as he moves dealing 15 damage in 100 AoE. Requires 15 Mana to...
  3. ZeroGravity

    Can you make immolation slow nearby enemy?

    Hi and just like the topic, how do you make immolation slow enemies near the damage dealer? I tried to find the custom spell or anything to this but got no clue. Maybe someone can help? Thanks in advance.
  4. TheFireMage

    [Trigger] Detected but No Cast

    Hello everyone, I made a trigger that creates a unit whenever a specific tower strikes a unit, it will create 3 thunder clap in 3 random areas where the dummy will spawn, cast Channel-based thunder clap to triggers another trigger. The second trigger creates another dummy that stuns the enemy...
  5. issaltar

    [General] Creating a custom hero

    So this is my first post not exactly sure how to go about this. I haven't messed with the editor in ~15 years trying to get back into the swing of things. I wanted to make a custom berserker hero and ran into a few snags and came across the site in my quest to answer my questions. Currently, I'm...
  6. TheFireMage

    [Solved] Attack Speed or Damage Aura for ranged units and on/off ability

    Hello hivers, what I have is a hero, learning an ability which can switch between Trueshot Aura and Celeritus Aura. I do not know any aura ability that gives extra attack speed so I used an item ability from gloves of haste and made it a normal ability, then I have the triggers detect if a unit...
  7. TheFireMage

    [Spell] Life Steal and Rage

    I made an ability based on Immolation. When the hero activates the spell, he gains hit points upon attacking the enemies but also lose mana each hit. I changed the the buff to vampiric aura but it made the enemies lose health and the hero gains no hit points. Do I have to make another ability...
  8. Cheshire

    [Solved] how to recreate song of the siren?

    hey all, can I make an ability that casts sleep on every unit in the area (like "song of the siren in dota") and still base it off of an existing ability, or will this have to be triggered from scratch? thanks!
  9. TheFireMage

    [Trigger] Resurrection and Animate Dead

    Unholy Resurrection Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Unholy Resurrection Or - Any (Conditions) are true Conditions (Unit-type of (Casting unit)) Equal to <Hero>...
  10. Teitan

    [Trigger] My dash ability damges enemies more than once HELP PLEASE!

    Hello, i have a problem with a triggered ability i'm trying to make, i watched a tutorial on YouTube about how to make a dash ability, everything good, my unit dashes just fine, but then i wanted to make the dash deal damage to units hit, so i modified the trigger with what i thought would work...
  11. cleavinghammer

    Incite Unholy Frenzy not working on custom maps

    So I wanted to mess around with the new version of Incite Unholy Frenzy, but by making a custom map (i.e. starting with Master-level necromancers with full mana and some graveyards), I noticed the necromancers had the old, single-target Unholy Frenzy. I tried making IUF a non-researched spell...
  12. Hypnotic)

    Spell Shop/Chooseable spells (i need help)

    I want a detailed help about making a Shop with buyable custom or basic spells. I have already read the thread about that but i'm still struggeling with. For me it's hard to find the right choices in triggers tab, basicly its really hard to make my own trigger look like the trigger post in...
  13. TheBrohman

    [Solved] Issue with Healing units.

    Hello there. I am working on my custom campaign. However, I am having issues with one of my custom abilities. The ability is supposed to heal random friendly units close to the caster, every second, up to a maximum of five seconds, meaning only five units to be healed. The ability starts...
  14. DJ_Dragon_CZ

    How to let computer use custom unit spell

    Hello, im trying to make type of map like Castle Fight. Problem is i don't know how to make units controled by computer to use custom spells. Actualy im stuck on first spell :D Trying to let Ghoul use Berserk. But when he should use it, he just don't. I tried to look on forums, but how can you...
  15. Barorque

    Parasite - autocast on frienly BUG

    So, I have encountered the weirdest bug I've seen so far, and I'm all out of ideas... First I'll say there are no triggers involved, just custom ability. - I made a Parasite based ability (autocast DoT what summons a minion after target's death). Problem: Sometimes (randomly it seems), my...
  16. Itztalmatan

    Custom Gladiators

    I project from the last year, is not a game yet but could be usefull since i let it be open source.
  17. Sxar

    [General] Rais Pig Skill

    I need a system that detect the number of untis in multiple cargos. Then after 5 seconds increase gold of the owner player in 5 g for each unit in each cargo individualy. Example pawn1 enter on pigfarm1 elapsed time 5 sec. owner of the pawn get 5g. another pawn enter 2 seconds after the las...
  18. Hankxiety

    [Trigger] Garrison into neutral building and change ownership

    In my map, neutral buildings are taken over by garrisoning a player's unit inside. Emphasis is on commandeering existing structures. Building or repairing will be time and resource-intensive by design. The solution I've worked out is susceptible to abuse and another avenue is needed. The Big...
  19. Togark

    Delayed damage ability Help

    Hello there, Like the title says I'm working on making a custom ability and I've run into a bit of a hiccup. How I want the ability to work: You cast a targeted spell, after 5 seconds or so, enemy units (of the caster) in an area around the targeted unit takes an amount of damage. Current...
  20. Mechcash

    Need help with "call to arms"- custom ability

    Hello Community :), Iam currently creating some small custom spells for a map. And I am nowhere near experienced in professional Map-Design, so I have to ask some "newb" questions :p The first one is this one: I want to create an ability where a unit can summon 2 peasants, so far so good but...
  21. Seavalan Legend

    Cleave w/o Slam Animation

    Whenever a unit has an ability based on Cleave, it uses its Slam animation. I am not skilled in triggers, so I was wondering if anyone could help me make a trigger for three levels of Cleave, identical to its non-trigger counter-part, but does not force the unit to using their Slam animation. I...
  22. BalanceDruid7

    [Trigger] Custom Spell Causes Crash

    First of all, Im not very active on hive and this takes away my first post virginity. Secondly, my trigger knowledge is very limited, so pls give simple answers. Main Problem - The game crashes when I cast 2 specific spells at the same time. Other Problem (not important) - Spell lasts longer...
  23. Seavalan Legend

    Merging Units

    Can someone help me make it possible for three units of different unit types to merge into one unit, similar to the Archons in StarCraft. I want the units to be able to activate it with an ability. I do not think it is possible with the default abilities, but maybe someone can make a custom...
  24. Rhadamanthus

    [General] Ability Doesn't Show Up In Game

    Hello, This is a really, really basic question: So I was going to pick up the Editor after a long time and just goof around, so I copied a normal creep unit (Frost Wolf) and then copied Command Aura (Neutral Hostile) with the intent of adjusting both so they'd be powerful enough to devastate...