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    I'm looking for people who would be interested in participating in my project "Dark Stone - Custom RPG".

    Hi, I had already made a post in October 2021 and I'm making a new one because I've made a lot of progress on my map and I'm starting to have a more global view of what to do. The concern being that the ambition is great and I find myself limited, not by the work in itself (even if it's a big...
  2. ravellani

    Permanent Item stacking

    I have seen in Warcraft 3 maps that some permanent items can be stacked in 1 hero inventory slot but the hero still gets the buffs from all the items. How is this done? For example: 15 Claws of Attack in 1 slot and the hero gets a damage bonus of 225 which is 15 times 15.
  3. Anton Wulff Jensen

    Crafting at a vendor, using items from inventory

    Hello. I am currently making an rpg map, and I need to make you capable of making/buying some specific items, when you carry some specific items in your inventory. I've been able to make a trigger, that adds an item to a shop when a player carries a specific item in the inventory. However, I...
  4. The_Spellweaver

    [Defense / Survival] teamwork hero defense, crafting, politics

    I apologize for bad formatting in advance, and for bad writing, I wrote this hastily. I've been playing Terrania for a while now, and it felt very inspiring. The teamwork crafting, combined with survival/defense was the first I've seen in a wc3 map. Now I probably just didn't play enough maps...
  5. CodeBlack

    [Miscellanous / Other] CodeBlack´s WIP Corner

    Hey guys, Since i am working on multiple projects at once, i decided to reduce it all down to one thread. Some of those maps are in very early stages some are mostly finished; anyways... i hope you like my Ideas and have fun trying them out. Feedback, ideas, comments etc. are very appreciated...
  6. Xeryxoz

    [GUI] Specific Crafting/Smithing System

    I need a GUI crafting system with a few specifics, one that I can edit with adding my own items to it. So here are the specifications for it. -Needs to be GUI. (I can't understand Jass) -Coding has to be neatly organized and separated with comments with instructions (What to touch and what I...
  7. Alethos

    Desolate Wilderness [Survival] - Development/Recruitment Thread

    Project: Needed: ******* Boss Boss- Someone who likes to trigger and make cool mini-boss fights **Combat Guru- I need either an idea person or else someone to actually help work on a simple, fun, and effective combat/pvp system *Trigger Pro- Either someone who can look over my GUI...