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  1. Komkozavr_a12

    Converting models from Morrowind

    Converting models from Morrowind Difficulty:medium Working time:10-60 minutes Hi all. Today I will tell you how to convert models from The Elder Scrolls III:Morrowind. For work, we need the following tools and resources: The game itself War3 Model Editor Mdlvis 1.41 BLP Lab v0.5.0...
  2. AtivEnergy

    [General] How to Convert 1.33 to 1.26?

    Is there a Simple way to Convert a open map from 1.33 to 1.26? I want to try the map on gameranger with a friend in order to make him to buy reforged. The last version of the map on 1.26 is too old. is not up to date. That's why i want to convert the map, to have all patches.
  3. StormyG7

    Converting Unreal Engine 3 Model for use in Warcraft 3

    I found Heroes of Might and Magic 6 and 7 have some neat-looking models and textures that are very much in the same style as Warcraft 3 Reforged. The new HoMM games by Ubisoft seem somewhat uninspired and take very little stylistically from the original games, but they do have a style that seems...
  4. katya18

    Check if string is real number

    Hi guys. The task is next: I have a string, it could be anything in theory. I need function function IsReal takes string s returns boolean endfunction that checks, whether or not string can be converted to real number I dont need full tests like including -(negative values) or exponential...
  5. MrModify

    Convert your model to Warcraft 3 Format with Blender [Video]

    This tutorial is to help people take their 3D models and convert them to Warcraft 3 format. No prior experience necessary. Video Length: 5:41 Tools used: Blender v2.79: Blender_(64bit)_v2.79 By Ton Roosendaal MDL Exporter(fixed): mdl-exporter-2.79 By Kalle Halvarsson BLP Lab: BLP Lab v0.5.0...
  6. Goombah

    Texture Mapping endeavors not panning out, easier way? Please help.

    long time lurker, first time poster. so, after much trouble i was able to convert a model to a working .mdx/.mdl file but the texture no longer fit on the model and after an hour trying to texture map it, it came out bad. some parts were good, others not. i feel like it'd be impossible to get it...
  7. Ricola3D

    Patch 1.31 : how to convert "ability" type to its raw code ?

    Hello, Patch 1.31 gives new natives that return "ability" type. For ex: native BlzGetItemAbilityByIndex takes item whichItem, integer index returns ability However, most of old natives only use integer type (for ability id/raw code) instead. Is there a way to convert get the raw code from a...
  8. JC Helas

    Widget convert to Unit

    Im sick of this,, Is there anyway to use widget for unit's arguments or anything that settable for unit.. Grrrrr... I was dreaming for this grrr private function W2U takes widget u returns unit return u endfunction because I hook the native UnitDamageTarget but at the end,, it was...
  9. Zoson


    I need the attached Icons converted as Minimap Hero Icons in the colours of player 1 - 10. Thanks (I will give credits of course^^) -> I require them for Multiverse RPG
  10. SVT2002

    Rotations and Scaling to Translations

    Hello, Mdlvis can transform all the non-linear translations, rotations and scalings to linear. My question is:can I transform all the linear rotations and scalings to linear translations?