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  1. FlameofChange

    Warcraft 3 SD+ resource pack

    Greetings fellow hivers. I don't know if this stuff already exist somewhere, but here we go. I wanted to share with you a kind of ressource pack for Warcraft 3 containing the following : ☼ Re-classic by @johnwar ☼ Fixed versions by @Ujimasa Hojo ☼ Some non-TC models replaced by TC edits made by...
  2. W

    maybe it sounds big to you, or rather just the beginning of the basics, okay for the title let's say it as a transition

    from community to Hive company? everything is as usual and always except maybe the terms of the words change without changing every rules basically, like: users to free members, members who donate to VIPs, etc. as for the term 'company' to Hive, maybe it will be something soundly basic like the...
  3. Evilhog

    [Poll] Is having a separate client for Classic a bad idea?

    Hello, long-time lurker here. A few days ago I made a thread on official Reforged forums asking the developers to release the Classic version for free and keep it separate from Reforged - at least, until the latter gets all the necessary fixes: Two versions should exist separately The thread...
  4. W

    Question: The communities of WarCraft 3: Reforged

    Any reliable and loyal community w/ the acumen where the people can join? Prolly SC2 as well.
  5. Yogi-Sothoth

    First WC3 Community-driven Reforged RPG

    With the announcement of the beta of the World Editor for reforged this project can finally start rolling. Here is the official discord for the project where some of the project design has been done server: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers some pics of concepts of maps...
  6. deepstrasz

    Community please report unfitting resource tags

    There's quite the issue when you want to search for something, like models, and you sometimes get more things unrelated to what you seek. An example is trying to find Diablo resources and getting tons of Lord of the Rings ones. So, please, when you see tags that you think shouldn't be on some...
  7. Yahya

    Creating a new Map. Feel like it could become awesome. Sharing it for all to edit

    I made a map WarChaser style. 3 hero's to control I found it fun but there were many problems Map vision being retained after moving next zone No way to add text from boss or limit spawners So i decided to share it for everyone so that we can make it an awsome community map. I dont take...
  8. Retera

    Building a Great Community

    With all the various bugs that I have bumped into while Blizzard works diligently on Warcraft III: Reforged, sometimes I allow some of the negativity into my brain. I am not a perfect person. I played Warcraft 3 for about 15 years, on and off, because I liked to make things in the World Editor...
  9. Lounge

    W3:TFT Custom Games Nights

    Looking for a few more people to play W3 custom games in the evenings EST. Playing HLW, Hero Wars, Vampirism, Trolls and Elves, LTW, DOTA and more.
  10. deepstrasz

    Hive melee maps for official ladder?

    Community, if melee maps made by our members would make it to Blizz ladder, which do you think would be the best? Please, post links of the melee maps you like best. Thanks. I'll start with some: I've also started threads on the official forums...
  11. Sulfar

    Open Sourcing Medieval villagers

    Hello Hive, I'm the creator of Medieval villagers, some of you might know it. For those who don't its some kind of mash-up of LOAP, Werewolf Trans and Village Builder. The current situation is as follows: I don't really have time to develop maps for w3 anymore so I decided to make the source of...
  12. vikingdodo

    Video GAME survey

    Hello everyone :) Hello everyone :) Please take your time (no more than 10 minutes) to fill up the following questionnaire. I'm trying to find relationship between video games behavior and personality traits. I believe Hiveworkshop is one of the best community of players. So please take your...