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collision size

  1. Shrrignien

    Change items collision size

    Hi my lords is there a way to change an item collision size (like we can do with units) ? I searched within the Gameplay Constants but didn't find any clues... I need to change this because I replaced every items's model by icons, but due to the "item collision size" (too small), they overlap...
  2. impulse

    [Solved] Unit collisions

    [SOLVED] solution= Ghost (visible) ability worked fine. introduktion to the subject. Unit collision, i have looked up for the past hour on how to fix a problem with this and i cant find any forum post that has the solution. Problem. my problem is that i am doing a maze tower defence map...
  3. Ricola3D

    How is managed collision between units ?

    Hello, I have a hero fighting a big boss (model Pit Lord with scale x3), like shown by the image below. However when I fight to melee, my hero goes inside the ennemy selection circle, in collision with its mesh. What settings do I have to change in WE to avoid that ? I tried to change the...
  4. Champara Bros

    [Mapping] WIP Lets make a pathing tutorial!

    First of all, a message to the moderators. I request that this tutorial be not graveyarded or removed as I intend it to be a community project that will shed some light on the mistery of pathing. Introduction: Unit pathing has been an enigma for many novice WarCraft III enthusiasts from their...
  5. Skadrel

    [General] Unit Collision Size Problems

    So, I'm working on a map where I'm making a bunch of units. One of them is a Forgotten One-turned unit, and it's really big. I based it as a new unit on a Rifleman due to a couple of reasons, but basically copied a lot of information from the Forgotten One building to make everything look fine...