1. Macadamia

    Reduce a Wow model's poly count without messing bones?

    Hello everyone !!! Sorry for asking this here (but I intend to use the model in WE :D), the modeling forum doesn't seem to be very active, and I'd really like some advice on this matter. I found a nice port of a Wow model made by Vulfar. This Russian person didn't share many models, but those...
  2. Lord_Marrowgrath

    Warcraft: Collapse - Comics

    Hey all I'm writting alternative stories about my new aos/moba map Warcraft Collapse, and I'm making some comics about lore telling. I'm using in-game/custom models from hive and editing pictures. Page 1: Page 2: Page 3: Page 4: Page 5: I have 4 more comics under devoplement...
  3. Warcraft Collapse Azeroth The Third Sundering

    Warcraft Collapse Azeroth The Third Sundering

  4. Collapse


    Here is the first hint of project. There is a map. Each of the opposing bases are connecting by 3(+2) lanes defended by structures. Forces are Light (Naaru) and Shadow (Void Lords) Background story will be avaible (Keywords: Nozdormu, Thrall, Cycle, Madness, Corrupt, Old Gods, Murozond, Alternative