1. darkravenbest

    Count character in strings not bites

    Hello! I have a really retarded question for you today. How to count actual characters in string? The only function i know is StringLength(), which returns string weight, which is okay when we deal with numbers or english letters, but when string has something foreign, something alien, it...
  2. Death Knight Arthas

    Death Knight Arthas

    Kwaliti's Arthas + Stefan K.'s DK Arthas's mount + Asssvis's Arthas hair XD
  3. Grish

    [SD/Modeling] Looking For Unarmed Character Models (Male & Female)

    I'm looking for a number of unarmed character models for RPG purposes, a variety of races, male and female. I found a bundle of player models ported from WoW that have the idea I'm looking for, but some of their file sizes are large, and it doesn't include any female characters. I've only been...
  4. Kongepal

    [Trigger] Character Selection

    I want to go directly to the subject in order not to waste your time. How to select a character by double clicking, and how can I send the selected character to where I specified after selection? And finally, how can I include the -repick command?
  5. Innubis


    This undead character is a tough one...
  6. Zucth

    [Help] My world editor have a problem blurred characters

    Right what I mention... anyone know how to fixed this? My eyes hurt badly now. You can see the different between these character[photo]
  7. Bloodwest

    No voice on custom character (with custom model)

    Hello, everyone! I require advice from those worldeditor masters, who actually made functional custom characters with custom voice-over in Reforged WE environment. I've done this successfully before in pre-reforged classic, created King Leonidas (from 300) custom hero with custom voice-over but...
  8. Catarina Valanie

    Catarina Valanie

  9. Dalis Bouvier

    [General] Hi, I'm new and I want to learn.

    Hello everyone. I have been using the WE of Warcraft III for years to make typical maps with the RTS game mode, customizing the models, effects, skins and stats of the characters and abilities but I have never deepened my knowledge about detonators in general or similar things and for this...
  10. trebla ratilla

    Trebla's Art

    Hi everyone! This is my first time to post my art here. Hope you guys will gonna enjoy it and more art will come!. I;m trying to draw some character design, landscape or any ideas.
  11. Sxar

    Calia Menethil - Campagin Main plot and Side quests

    About the story until now (I'm not native english so excuse me if I made some gramm mistakes): - Calia Menethil, daughter of King Terenas. She is few years old more than Arthas. - The story beguins when Arthas returns from Northrend expedition. She's in a makeover to recive Arthas when he enters...