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  1. coconut

    some strange bugs

    1) Sometimes the player's hero can become uncontrollable, this happens extremely rarely, but the hero stops responding to any command, and after a minute it works again 2) at one point all the imports disappeared on the map, all the icons turned sharply green... only happened once why is this...
  2. Lordliw

    Map crashing

    Hi, so this is not my map, I edited it, but the terrain is from Turnro's famous Rowan the Wise custom campaign. I have a problem that I cannot resolve. My game keeps crashing while playing and it happens at random intervals. I've checked out the gameplay to see what could the factors be for it...
  3. KenArok

    Map with WE v1.30 is error/messed up/full of bugs when played with Warcraft 1.32, how the solution?

    I made a map with WE 1.30 .. but when my friends or other person with Warcraft 1.32 play my map .. everything is messed up.. my map is become full of bugs, but not when i play it with my Warcraft version 1.30 .. any have solution .. Here, my friend video when he play my map using Warcraft 1.32...
  4. SometimesZero

    Unable to send invites to private games

    Hi all, Is anyone having a problem where they can't send or receive invites to anyone for custom games? My friend and I are trying to beta test a map, but we can't because of this issue. We set up port forwarding and even used mobile hotspots to rule out network issues. We're both able to host...
  5. GodofCinder

    [Crash] Need help with crashes and ability bugs

    Hello, a map I made recently has some serious issues that I tried to fix multiple times but failed because I have no knowledge of Jass and triggered abilities. These are the two issues: 1.If the map is being played with multiple people, there is a high chance that a random player gets...
  6. HerlySQR

    [Crash] My map has bugs

    I made a map in the 1.26, but I played it in a 1.27 server and has bugs and the disconects, I don't know if its for desyncs or is for the version, because I also tested it in the 1.26 and the game just crashes and they happen randomly and not in a moment that I know I used "GetLocalPlayer", what...
  7. Nemesis DSGB

    [General] Request Tutorial "World Edit Update Roadmap"

    Hi guys, I'm requesting a tutorial or "guide" for everything that changed mod-wise in world editor since I was a teen. (if i can get enough info maybe ill make this guide) Examples: Core Differences -WC3 TFT- -12 Players - 255x255 Map dimensions -Object Names -Ability Model/icon -No Hero Skins...
  8. Sapprine

    Photoshop-Enhanced Drustvar Reforged Beta Pics + Thoradin's Wall Bonus image

    All of these images were enhanced in Photoshop, but who can blame me? Reforged has very poor lighting, no shadows, fog doesn't work, sky boxes are tiny and the resolution of the Editor looks blurry as heck. All of this, and the map borders don't even display properly, low framerate and the...
  9. Mathayis

    Is 1.31.1 editor safe to work with?

    Okay so...I was thinking of starting a new map project, but after the 1.31.1 editor broke my last map, causing unit events and triggers not to be recognized after loading a saved file, Also stopping sounds from working and messing with the doodads, I'm wondering if I should stick to 1.29? It's...
  10. LionsBlood

    Major bug found with import manager.

    The checkbox for custom import path was removed, now i cannot change the pathing of my imports. It happened when I imported a whole folder of models/textures. Is there a way to reverse this? I have tried restarting the editor and everything besides actually reinstalling the game. If anyone knows...
  11. A Rather Wily Beaver

    Tooltips keep changing after I edit them?

    Hi all, I'm not really sure what to say other than the title; I'm making a new ability for my project, and the ability's tooltips keep on changing to "Q" after I enter them. For example, I type in "Learn: Inner Flame," add the Inner Flame Ability to a unit, load up the test map, and when I go...
  12. Brightest Light

    Rise of the Vampyr bugged game

    Hey, just reporting a REALLY WEIRD bug that happened in a game of Rise of the Vampyr I played recently. In short, the werewolf killed themself to become the witch, then i gained control of another hunters hero--as in the hero was given FULLY to me, not i gained control of their units, so that...
  13. Prometheus3375

    Preparing menu color bug

    It is possible to set any color for a player using //! inject config in preparing menu. But there is a problem. Consider next code. It works well if flag "Fixed Player Settings" in forces properties is not set. But if you set this flag, everything breaks. First player must have blue...
  14. Prometheus3375

    Issues with timer functions

    Hi everyone! There is a small research on how timer API works in WarCraft 3. Tests were made on 1.26a and 1.32.10 versions. TimerGetTimeout Whenever passed timer is started by TimerStart, this function returns the last passed timeout value. Example: timer is started by TimerStart with x...
  15. LovG

    [Solved] Test Map and W3 path bugged?

    Hello all, Today I wanted to try some stuff in World Editor but when I pressed test map button a window popped. Somehow it stop working. At first it said: "Can't find the C:\Program Files(x86)\Warcraft III\Warcraft III.exe". Open the Preferences tab and change it." I went to Archives >...
  16. 22FrosT22

    Warcraft Building Bug

    Recently I imported a hero model and since I did this, the buildings do not appear when they are being built. I already removed the model, but the bug continues... Can somebody help me? This is how it looks... and also happens in other races
  17. Prometheus3375

    Issues with structs in vJass

    Before writing it I have googled this topic, but found nothing. Here I describe some bugs in vJass connected with structs. I used JassHelper 0.A.2.B from NewGen pack. First issue. Lets consider next code. struct A[8191] endstruct There is generated code below. You may notice that integer...
  18. Shaeam

    [Trigger] Strange 2.5D Knockback System Issue

    To be brief; I posted this same message in bribe's 2.5D Knockback thread, but I figured this section might gain a bit more traction. I tried to get as much information that might be relevant as possible; but if I missed something please feel free to let me know. I'm currently working on a spell...
  19. Jeff91

    [Spell] Lightning Spell Bug

    Hi, I am having trouble with the Lightning Shield ability, I have modified it to heal nearby units by changing the damage value to "-20", it works but it's not consistent in that sometimes only some units are affected even when they are standing right next to it and overall is buggy and...
  20. SNIper of DARKness

    War3 Model Editor not working properly

    Greetings, I have encountered a problem when viewing some models in the Model Editor and Mldvis. They lack any textures But when placed in game They work fine. If anyone has a solution do not hesitate to tell me. Note: This only happens with some models, apparently the only ones that...
  21. Xeryxoz

    Wc3 Problem [Need Help]

    I really don't know where to put this request. I've started having problems with my WC3 a few days ago that I cannot solve on my own. Some models such as fire breath or explosion (The regular sfx for spells) suddenly disappeared, literally the models just vanished. To be more clear, they do...