1. Tom_Almighty1

    JASS Description Frame?

    Guys I am having trouble learning these new updates in war3 1.31 TFT non-reforged. Can you please provide me a simple trigger on how to make a description box frame with words in it? Kinda like how the tooltip works but I need to move it to an area I also need to have a way to hide/unhide it...
  2. lil apex

    Need help creating a simple white box...

    Hey guys, Can someone help me create a 256x256x3 white model? I was using this tutorial to create a model. As you can see, I made the box, added a standard white texture, then exported using the DeX script to generate the .mdl, deleted the comments and converted it into an MDX with this "MDLX"...
  3. Nemesis_

    DISBTN not working (green when menu is opened)

    Although there are plenty of guides out there, I still do not quite understand why it is not working. Anyone kind enough to lend me a helping hand? Link to the icon: BTNMurlocHut1
  4. TheAyalalalalon

    [Solved] Animated Mario Kart Item box

    Hi I think this is a simple request, anyways Does anyone know how to make a simple rotating cube with this textures on all sides of it?
  5. HerrDave

    Green cube model despite correct texture path

    Salutations, A while back I started a project in semi-secret where I was remaking all of the villains and goons from a game that I have a soft spot for and to that end I've begun working on a series of robot models. I got the base body done no problem, but after I made a size-change to the...