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  1. Dark-Zalor

    Pokemon World V1,10 Beta

    Pokemon World Beta V1,10 Created by Dark-Zalor An epic travel in the universe of pokemon. This map purpose to players to move in a pokemon universe to catch/train/customize/name Pokemons. You can customize your team, the spellpack of each pokemon. When pokemons get new...
  2. Stonemaul Ogre Battle Magi

    Stonemaul Ogre Battle Magi

  3. Battle for Darkshore - Cover

    Battle for Darkshore - Cover

    The cover for my "Battle for Darkshore" reforged single-player scenario map. (Expected map release date: 09-04-21)
  4. Ogre Battle Magi

    Ogre Battle Magi

  5. jonass24

    Enemies run away, when they start loosing

    Hi guys, I have a problem in world editor. When I make a map and my units encounter enemies, enemy´s units start to run away, when they start loosing. They run away for few meters, then they turn back, got one hit and they start running again. Do you have any idea how could I solve this...
  6. FyreMoon Studios

    [Spell] Battleship broadside cannon fire?

    Hey everyone! I am currently working on a war ship map where you will be able to battle other ships (NPC or players) to climb up the leaderboard ladder. I'll try to add a wave system with different kinds of ships you need to sink. To my question: I am trying to create a spell that will fire...
  7. wc3neverdies

    Custom Hero Battle Alpha (with QWER Ability system)

    Introduction Hello, i've always been a fan of the custom hero maps. The possibility to create a hero that fits your playstyle always attracted me, as well as the creativity in combination with game-knowledge to build a funny hero that is also effective. A few years ago i created this map...
  8. COE Screenies 8

    COE Screenies 8

  9. Sellenisko

    War Project - Dwarves versus Drows - terrainer needed

    Greetings, I am in need of a terrain maker :) I am making a special map - War project, the battle between Dwarves and Drows. It should be combination of RTS and RPG - 2 opposite players will play as a race leaders and armies and other players will be playing heroes coresponding the race -...
  10. Marjosh38

    [Arena] Marvel Universe Battle

    Marvel Universe Battle is an Multi Style Themed Gameplay which its hero inspire by Marvel Universe Characters, Champions, Heroes ,Villians , etc. This project aims to create new style of game with different themed map. Which it now, Hero Arena is available game-play. Sooner or later the other...
  11. NightStalker

    [General] Creating Big Scale Battles

    So, for one of the cinematics in my campaign needs to have a big scale battle, where there are around 30 units on each side spread on a large area. I don't want to leave them by themselves because it doesn't look any good that way. Some units go back to their guard positions after hitting once...
  12. Arkth

    Castle Wars III (Project)

    Hello guys: Well, I want to introduce you this Map: Castle Wars III. I took a very old map that seems forgot, and fell in love with the terrain and the posibilities. The main idea is to create a Footman Frenzy-Survival Chaos feel, with tons of units in game and powerful but not invencible...
  13. SonOfShadowbrand

    [Campaign] Blood And Valour (Beta 1.03)

    The Kingdom of Avendiir, an ancient land inhabited by humans has been thrust into the turmoil-filled tides of war..... An army of warriors clad in black armor assault the kingdom from the broken lands to the south, while the scattered orc clans grow ever bolder with each passing day.... As...
  14. Nordmar

    [Defense / Survival] Battle in Magicforest

    Download Latest Version
  15. Trigger.edge

    [Aeon of Strife] Anime League Project - A Moba map

    Anime League Project A Multiplayer online battle arena map full map and minimap preview. Development Team: RoleUserDescriptionSkillsDirectorTrigger.edgeMonitoring the entire map design.Jass, vJass, Basic TerrainerHero asistantNigamanProvides information about characters..----Spell assistant...
  16. Dark-Zalor

    Hyperion Last War V1,3