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  1. NeoZigma

    Help with bloodlust, comes out at the hero's feet

    Good morning everyone. I want to put the bloodlust effect on the endurance aura skill set so that it only works on the hero and no one else. That is, the increase in attack and movement speed as a passive ability, but I want the effect not to look like that of the aura, but rather like...
  2. HellCEzAR

    [Script] Shield ability

    Greetings everyone! I would be very glad if you did spell : Works like On/off, similar like immolate. When on, every ally unit and caster(300AOE) recieve shield which blocks % of recieved damage and when this unit(s) have attacked, it have 15% to knockback(50-100 range, prob. random range)...
  3. u wot m8_

    How do i make an aura that affects a specific unit type/s?

    Let's say i want an aura that only affects troll headhunters and grunts, but doesn't affect any other unit type near it. Is it possible to do that? if so, then i'd like to know how. Thanks in advance.
  4. Ricola3D

    Old map : why are some multi-level auras triggered ?

    Hello, I restarted developments from an old map (namely X Hero Siege 3.33). I noticed something strange in this map. The following auras: - Aura of Blight - Command aura - Life Regeneration Aura - War Drums Aura That are all coded the a strange way, always the same : - A "dummy" hero ability...
  5. Henry_AC

    Edit effect model

    Hello everyone, I wanted to request an edition of a model (something simple...i think), specifically i want to change the color from orange to dark red.
  6. Ricola3D

    Hero switch - issues with auras still here 1-2s after teleport

    Hello, In my map (Hero Defense type) there is a mod where each player has 2 heroes but can only play once at a time. All the second heroes are paused & teleported to an out-of-range area. Whenever he want, the player can switch between heroes by selecting the 2nd one (click on portrait or F2) ...
  7. Cheshire

    [Solved] aura that doesn't target raiders...?

    hey there, I created a custom (negative) aura ability. on the map I tested it on I randomly had a dryad, a shadow hunter and some raiders. the aura targeted the dryad and SH, but for some reason it didn't affect the raiders. these are the targeting settings for the aura: any Idea why this...
  8. Rykon-V73

    Curious help about auras

    I've been checking hive workshop, but I'm not sure if I can find Aura tutorials, as in how to make/create custom auras. Does anyone know if there's a tutorial like this?
  9. Xzere

    [Solved] Trigger spell not functioning

    Why is this trigger not functioning? The idea is to make an aura that heals for a % of enemies max health when they die. Bloodlust Work Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions (Unit-type of (Triggering unit)) Equal to Vampire (Level of Bloodlust for (Triggering...
  10. bruunk

    [Solved] One aura with multiple effects?

    Hi, I'm just trying to make one rather powerful aura that will basically give the effects of Devotion aura, Brilliance aura, and War drums. The way I have it now is the hero will level up devotion aura and then triggers will grant the other 2. My problem now is that if I try to make the extra...
  11. posthumousturbo

    I need trigger for custom auras

    Please tell me what types of variables I need. This auras must works on heroes and units. Aura Of Fortification (AoE 900) lvl 1-Increase armor by 15%. lvl 2-Increase armor by 17%. lvl 3-Increase armor by 19%. lvl 4-Increase armor by 22%. lvl 5-Increase armor by 24%. lvl 6-Increase armor by 26%...
  12. Ricola3D

    Hidden buff - For custom/triggered auras

    Hello, Today with some tests I figured out a way to add an hidden buff (on 1 unit, or like an aura). I wanted to share it with you, ans ask if you see issues/risks with this ? I can see many uses for this thing: - For triggered/custom abilities: - To add an hidden aura buff and check it in...
  13. xTek

    [Spell] Vampiric Aura for ranged units?

    Has anyone after 15 years found an easy way to make Vampiric Aura work on ranged units in World Editor? I've been digging around hiveworkshop and I've seen some ideas which suggest things like making a new ability that uses the Item Lifesteal as a base, and then putting it on each unit...
  14. D

    Passive Resurrection Aura/Spell

    I need a spell that, after X seconds delay, brings nearby bring a unit that just died in a radius back to life with X% health. It needs to have a cooldown as well. I just need 1 level of this spell.
  15. Rykon-V73

    Frost Aura thing

    Don't get me wrong. The code works great, but the Invisibility lasts for a few seconds. Is there a way to make it last permanently and can only be turned off if the Hero's life is over 10%? Get them Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions ((Attacked unit) has buff...
  16. Rykon-V73

    Sparky Aura inserted right, however...

    I did try to test this aura with the Firebolt spell, as that one gives it a chance to cause lightning strikes. This isn't working anymore. Is there a way to make the aura trigger, by attacking enemies? I changed Sparky Aura to Blaster Aura and changed the 3 buffs to Blaster Aura. The '-level 1'...
  17. Rykon-V73

    Help with Luck Aura

    The problem here is that the code is in JASS. I really don't want that. It's even worse if it's vJASS. Is there a way to make the aura GUI-compatible? Spell/Aura: Luck Aura v1.3 Optional: Is there a way for the aura not to use hashtables? I already have those for the Chain Storm Bolt in my...
  18. AquaFire

    Another Aura Stacking Question(s):

    Hello Everyone, I am aware that there are a lot of threads concerning this topic. However, I have not been able to find an answer to these questions (either because they haven't been answered or because I am just ignorant). Either way, I would appreciate if someone could help me. 1. If two...
  19. The10th-X

    [General] Aura flickering

    So i have a unit that casts a spell (Bladedance) as base, 0 duration etc, and it adds a spellbook with 2 auras, evasion and trueshot to him for the duration, the evasion works perfectly fine however the trueshot appears for about .1 second, disappears and then appears again for 2 seconds AFTER i...
  20. Yours Truly

    Editing the "Trueshot Aura" model to instantly disappear when "killed"

    Can anyone edit the Trueshot Aura so that it has a death animation? I wanted it to disappear instantly when I destroy it instead of it having no effect until approximately 5 seconds. Rep will be given. Thanks.
  21. sarumanthecursed

    Help with critical strike aura

    I've tried to make a critical strike aura and although it works perfectly it lags like hell thus i'm sure it leaks like crazy to.... is their any way to make this leakless or unlaggy? Variables Events Unit - A unit enters (Playable map area) Conditions Actions If ((Unit-type of...
  22. BrandonMMonroe

    [General] Big Bad Voodoo as an aura

    I'm trying to get the effect of Big Bad Voodoo to function as an aura, rendering everyone around the user invulnerable without having to cast it as a spell and without the user having to channel it, just a simple aura that makes everyone around him, but him invulnerable...I've tried altering Big...
  23. TheAyalalalalon

    [Spell] Mana regeneration by dying unit passive

    I trying to make a passive ability that generates an aura with a specific range and gives enemy units a buff. Thats work but i want to every time enemy unit with <buff> dies the hero regenerates himself the x% of the maximum mana but it does not work because dying unit does not have buffs There...