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  1. Scarab Lord Armor (WIP1)

    Scarab Lord Armor (WIP1)

    My full modeled armor for my scarab lord model, painting still in progress.
  2. Dragonmaw Shoulder Wip1

    Dragonmaw Shoulder Wip1

    A shoulder that i modeled based on fanny vergne skull brush from artstation
  3. Nain910

    [General] Adding Armor bonus to basic attack

    Is there anyway to create a trigger or skill that apply the bonus armor or the armor as a bonus to a hero's attack? Does someone already tried? (Something like, level 1 add 20% of the armor as attack bonus level 2 add 40% of the armor as attack bonus etc...)
  4. HerlySQR

    [Spell] I wanna create an ability similar to Reactive Armor (Shreder) of dota

    I tried this to myself, but is too complicated, how can I do that?
  5. Less Armored Footman

    Less Armored Footman

    I never thought that the Footman's model will look fine without most of its Armor.
  6. Yui Moe

    [GUI] Set Unit Integer Field

    Hello, in Trigger Editor (GUI), under Unit category, there is an action called Set Unit Integer Field, and there is something makes me confused: Agility Agility (Permanent when modified) Agility (with Bonus) If my guess is correct, (2) means white text part, and (3) means green text part...
  7. jaspergeli

    [Spell] How to make Mana Shield absorb damage after any damage reduction takes place?

    I want to make Mana Shield an armor-based ability so my hero is stronger in later parts of the game where he got high levels and many strong items. Because my always problem is that when the armor of my hero is too high, the mana to health cost ratio is not proportionate when the damage is...
  8. Ofel

    Armor damage reduction per value

    If I have a structure that has 5 armor point value (Fortified type), and a unit that has 20 attack damage point (Hero type), the armor reduction of Hero against Fortified is 0.5. So the in-game damage result is 7.692. What is the formula to get the result damage?
  9. Ofel

    [Solved] Inaccurate damage reduction value?

    This function should return the damage bonus of an attack type against an armor from Gameplay Constants. function hAI_GetUnitArmorReduction takes unit u, attacktype aType returns real local boolean dmgEventEnabled = IsTriggerEnabled(udg_hAI_DE_DamageEventTrigger) local real...
  10. JackAcorda

    [Spell] Battle Roar based on stats

    Can somebody please help me how to increase damage and armor based on a hero's stats whenever Battle Roar is casted? War Cry Cast Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to War Cry Actions Set Unit_WC_Caster...
  11. Sapprine

    [Solved] How do I change the Armor system? Haha! I did it!!

    So, I've been playing quite a bit of Starcraft lately and I noticed that armor in SC is a direct form of damage reduction. (1 armor = 1 less damage take from attacks). I want to implement the same system in Warcraft 3, I think its better as the 6/11/15% damage reduction armor does now, in some...
  12. Hazop

    Armor/Weapon Colours

    I need different armor texture skins to Represent "Brass" armor for example. References: Armor/Weapon Reference | HIVE Plate Armors Metal Heavy Armour - Brass (Yellowish Green) White Shield - Iron (Dark redish brown) (Silverish white) Shields White Shield - Brass (Yellowish Green) Improved...
  13. Rykon-V73

    Additional armor request

    After I decided to remove the request related to poop or crap, I decided to move forward. I made the Breath of Lightning ability. Now, after the spell, the hero will be given 4 armor for 4 seconds. This is something I can't do. This is for level 1. Level 2 -5 armor for 5 seconds. Level 3 -6...
  14. BigJeep

    Real/Integer for armor

    I want to create an ability that deals damage based in target's armor, but I can't find anything like a real or integer for armor in gui and I don't know absolutely nothing about jass.
  15. Łapin Viktus

    How to put armor through stats?

    I would like to increase the armor of my hero through 2 different stats which are variables (integer), already created on my map: 1 stamina gives me 0.35 armor and 1 resistance gives me 0.5 armor. From these two variables (integer) can we increase the armor of my hero in relation to the ratio...
  16. Yours Truly

    Percentage armor reduction?

    Is there any ability in the editor that reduces a percentage of the target's armor? If not, is there any in the triggers? All I can find are flat armor reduce abilities.
  17. Marebre

    [General] Negative armor and how to disable it

    Is there a way to disable negative armor values? All the effects (Orb of Corruption, Acid Bomb, etc.) should still reduce armor but never bellow zero. I'm certain that, by default, minimum armor is -20 or -71% damage resistance, and everything after only updates text but the damage resistance...
  18. TheAyalalalalon

    Customize Gameplay constants - Armor damage reduction

    Hello I am trying to set the Damage reduction to a custom value, like the title says. What number i need to use to set this value to "1% damage reduction for every 1 point of amor" Such means that having 34 armor on the stats ends to having a 34% damage reduction
  19. thegodfather9

    Simple Frost Armor Spell

    I need a triggered version of Frost armor. Basically it would do all the same things but you can set it to increase armor based on the caster's attributes (strength, agility, intelligence). Any suggestions would be great. Thanks for any replies :)
  20. Trigger Heurt De Bouclier

    Trigger Heurt De Bouclier

    Example of spell with a ratio of armor. I changed the defensive multiplier to 0.01 in my map. And the trigger on and off matching to a text of display of the damages which undergoes the unity, so I deactivated it because to put the armor in a variable it was necessary to inflict the damages.
  21. Łapin Viktus

    [Spell] How to create a spell with ratio armor

    I want to create a spell with ratio armor for my hero tank, may I put his value of armor in one variable? Or is needed a script? And how make it? Thank you for help, Łapin Viktus (fr)
  22. Raised

    [General] The text color in UI

    Is there way to change the text color in UI? I mean the text, describing an ammount of damage or an armor.
  23. DeadZero

    How to use Unit Attachments

    Tutorial on how to use attachments WITHOUT triggers. If you want to give a unit a weapon, piece of clothing or anything that would be an attachment without using triggers, this should help! Updated: Now with screenshots! - Please comment if they're not working for you. First, create a...
  24. Herman

    Permanent (base) Armor Increase

    I was playing some DotA recently, and wondering about DK's dragon-blood ability, where he permanently increases base armor I know this could be re-created for a single by setting up a research item and its icons to just "appear" as if his base armor increased But could a system be JASS-ed...