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  1. FeelMyRash

    [SD/Modeling] Armoured Titan from Attack on Titan Anime

    Can someone please make an Armoured Titan model (preferably in a sort of Warcraft-style rather than the anime-style that can be seen on things like Pokemon models, unless that method is easier). I've never done a request before so if I'm missing something feel free to tell me.
  2. Dark-Zalor

    Pokemon World V1,10 Beta

    Pokemon World Beta V1,10 Created by Dark-Zalor An epic travel in the universe of pokemon. This map purpose to players to move in a pokemon universe to catch/train/customize/name Pokemons. You can customize your team, the spellpack of each pokemon. When pokemons get new...
  3. Napoleon


    my latest work.. still doing some animations for it.
  4. Mysterious Heroine XX

    Mysterious Heroine XX

    one of my creation
  5. Geronimo


    one of my creation for my upcoming map
  6. Charles Sanson (FGO)

    Charles Sanson (FGO)

    I created this by using Gray (fairy tail) model while the rest are scratchbuild
  7. Thomas Edison (FGO)

    Thomas Edison (FGO)

    I created this using All Might 3d Model
  8. Ushiwakamaru Animations ingame preview

    Ushiwakamaru Animations ingame preview

  9. Animating with MdlVis featuring Ushiwakumaru

    Animating with MdlVis featuring Ushiwakumaru

    Them: MdlVis is an Obsolete platform, switch to a better one! Me: No, I don't think I will~
  10. Saber vs Lancer with 3d hitboxes and new moves

    Saber vs Lancer with 3d hitboxes and new moves

    testing my new systems and how the new moves will work if played. sorry for the fps drop in the beginning. I was exporting something from blender.
  11. Antar36

    MODEL REQUEST: Oceanus Shenron

    I'm sorry. Would it be a problem for you to make the Oceanus Shenron model or skin from Dragon Ball GT? It is link to image : https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Ocea ... 51_200.jpg . I apologize for the link to another page.
  12. blink

    Holy Grail War (Fate map)

    Hello, I am creating a map which is supposed to simulate the Holy Grail War. For those who doesn't know, Holy Grail War is a battle between mages who acts as Masters with their servants to win the Holy Grail, which is said to grant wishes. For more information, check this link Holy Grail War...
  13. TheLordOfChaos201

    Best Anime Series?

    Hey!!!! I'm bored! ;) ...so I'm going to force all of you to participate in my boredom :eek: What is your favourite Anime, why and what rating do you give it? :) Try your best to create some order when posting, but then again total chaos is good too:p I'm counting on you to bust my...
  14. bear_369

    Steam's Censorship against Anime-based games

    There's has been a controversy going in Steam. They began warning multiple developers of these games like Huniepop to censor any adult content or face their game pulled off from their platform, even games labelled as "Mature content" weren't safe from Steam's censorship. 'It's an Anime Titty...
  15. auricgoldfinger

    I organise a Life of a Peasant Japan (LOAP) game

    Hi everyone ;) (welcome and please wait a sec for images to upload) I would like to play a Life of a Peasant, just like in the good old days. I really miss these maps. I have my own hostbot functioning on Battle.net I mean there's no hosting problems for me. All I need are players :D let me...
  16. Vanza Crandle

    Nagito Komaeda.

    Hello everyone, my name is Vanza Crandle. I'm usually a lurker here, but I was advised to post my issue here by Direfury. So here it is, and thanks once again to him, for helping me with another issue I had. I suppose I'll cut right to the point. I found an MMD model of Nagito Komaeda from...
  17. The10th-X

    [Aeon of Strife] AniMa War Ex Dev Log

    Welcome to Ani(me)Ma(nga) War Ex(Cel), a bit different from your typical AOS map with extra objectives and different from your typical anime map (Aka, not spellspamming 2bright4youreyes stuff), this is the BETA version which is at most base features complete and fully fleshed out characters etc...
  18. redstormer

    Fix leaks in this spell please

    My request is removing leaks from the trigger and the variable i think. My other chinese friend(AFB Maker) said that the leaks are in the sfx and sfx group. i am guessing maybe in the variables. is where the sfx leaks are making. I tried asking chaosrealm however it seems like the spell fixer...
  19. Trigger.edge

    [Aeon of Strife] Anime League Project - A Moba map

    Anime League Project A Multiplayer online battle arena map full map and minimap preview. Development Team: RoleUserDescriptionSkillsDirectorTrigger.edgeMonitoring the entire map design.Jass, vJass, Basic TerrainerHero asistantNigamanProvides information about characters..----Spell assistant...
  20. Exyte

    Pokémon Center & Pokémon Mart