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Gerrod Darkblade

  • Leods


    Dec 16, 2018
    Ambitious, he longs to get money at any cost, but, unlike many other bandits and mercenaries, he considers that he has nothing to lose.
    Nomally he usually seeks the benefit of everything he does, seeing life as a Big Business
    History:Not even Gerrod remembers too much of his past, only that he descends from the Darkblade, from whom he inherited the powerful blades of shadows, and that no one can inherit them in the future, which forces him to try to survive as long as possible.
    Fight style: Gerrod always fight with his shadow blades, using a style that perfectly represents his attitude towards life. He always struggles quickly and inclined to the offensive, including unprotecting himself, using the philosophy of "kill before he knows it"
    1. Fast style:

    While fighting, Gerrod can move and attack at a superhuman speed, backing on dark energy to achieve it
    2. Shadow blades: The blades inherited of his family steal a portion of the life of the livings with each attack that manages to pierce the skin
    3. Persuasion: Gerrod is a mercenary and a expert trader. He can persuade with only words to get what he wants
    4. Stealth attack: Gerrod can do several damage to his enemies, before they noticed his presence

    1. Bad defense:
    it's very normal for Gerrod to be left vulnerable in the middle of an attack, being his only chance to dodge the enemy attack
    2. Ego: Many times, both in combat and in real life, Gerrod relies too much, and tends to make mistakes for believing that he can not commit them